In the Dumps

maxltWe have spoken of the urge in the universe to refine, and much of that is a robotic process whereby everything tries to be better at what it already does, according to new environmental factors. But, that’s the physical side of evolution. How do things evolve spiritually? Well, the human is the only form of life that can, by its presence, by its radiation, let other forms of life experience higher energetics than the planetary. And whenever higher energies touch lower energies, something can be transferred – and that is a service to the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the meditation dream, because I know that everything is a stillness, I proceed to delve into a non-involved quiet, still demeanor with regard to the outer. I take a couple stabs, first of all, at being free in just a total stillness place, but I can’t stay in the total stillness place. I travel in that, and I can look at myself traveling in that, but I also, then, have to mirror – and so I have to come back into life.

And so what unfolds is I am shown the process in which my energy is a type of healing; it is reflected back into life. And basically it’s released as an example set aside for others to see, so they won’t further infect themselves and others with their bifurcations. It’s a mirroring. It’s a letting go that mirrors. In other words, it’s a letting go that’s into a stillness, that can still, then, somehow something is going on, and what is going on, and how you’re conducting yourself, mirrors.

If the step of letting go is in name only, more as a gesture than a truth, in other words you’re projecting the gesture, and you’re caught up in the gesture, instead of seeing a truth behind, that is the stillness, that you embody, an infection continues vibrationally.

In this dream, what’s happening is, I’ve gone to a garbage dump. This is a dump in which you take your refuse of things, whatever the refuse might be, that are to be let go of. And you don’t discard them in the usual way, where it’s like you blank them out or something, because that can be repressed, or subjugated, into your nature. What you do is you lay it out there, you just lay it out there.

Now, when it’s just laid out there at the garbage dump, some of it, then, is looked at and realized, you know, this can be used, yet, it can be fed back into life in a certain way – as an action or a conduct. Other aspects of it can be flattened out and whatnot.

And, when you come into a garbage dump, everything that exists that you’re bringing forth, it’s garbage, and so it’s going to stink. So when you arrive at a garbage dump, you don’t just throw it out there, hold your nose and throw it out there, because you’re still not necessarily getting it. Instead, when you go to a garbage dump, it’s like there’s the attendant, or the scribe, if it was the Ibn Araby way of describing it in Kingdom of Man, and he helps in the letting go. He sees what can be handed out to others yet. And what can be flattened out and left there.

And I thought I had more garbage than I had, but most of it could be applied in this way or that way yet. And so he then asked me, “Have I ever been bitten before?” which is his way of saying, do I come thinking I’m letting go, but not really – like people make the new year’s resolutions and then they get all caught up in it again.

By that he means, have I truly released what I’m holding on to, or is this yet another way that I am still infected? Just like a person can make a donation, for example, but maybe they cringe, but they did the donation for conceptual purposes. And they’re still infected, it’s not a true letting go donation.

So I say I have, as I acknowledge that I am aware. The attendant is suggesting that I may be still holding on in some bifurcated way, something that will further set me back from the letting go to the stillness. This is what traveling in God is like.

So the meaning is, in this dream I am shown that an aspect of stillness is where there is a visible letting go that makes itself known for me, and others, to see. This is a step that is not only letting go to a stillness, but others and myself as a mirror to what remains outstanding. The teaching is that to be truly free, the soul must dis-involve outwardly, in order to radiate into the environment the stillness embedded therein.

This occurs when the traveling in God involves reflecting the letting go, both in the way I carry myself energetically, but also in the embedded stillness that I touch. So, in this dream, the issue of various subrogations came up in order for me to see that this is not a deeper means, but is a departure from what we are meant to honor.

When such waywardness still prevails, there is a reinfection that blinds. So, what this means for me, directly speaking, is I need to be careful what steps I take that sound good, but also may be weighing me down energetically in a way that hurts the environment, or hurts an unfoldment towards a recognition of a stillness. And, for each person, it can be different.

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Inside Step

tha00Everything we see in the universe is constantly trying to improve, and to refine, according to its design possibility. For example, a bird will keep trying to build a better nest, adapting to environmental circumstances. And a neuron will always try to respond more quickly, firing off faster than the last time. Incrementally, everything refines in this way. The human also plays a role in the refinement of the universe, by trying to energetically improve what it comes in contact with (this service is a choice for the human). In return for this service, the universe refines the human individually, and, over time, the species. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I feel like, again, I had a long dream with parts of it repeating. This time I was able to pull out just the end of it. And at the end of this dream, I seem to be studying this little pattern in the ground. And it’s a pattern formed by some bones. And it’s like if I can solve this pattern, I can solve a crime.

And the bones are associated also with a horse that I ride, it’s this big dapple gray horse. As I come back and forth on this ranch, and I kept studying the pattern, it’s like nobody can really figure out what the pattern of this bone means. So it feels like the crime is going to go unsolved.

And then one time I come back and my horse isn’t there, and then people come riding into the ranch on the horses. And the foreman of the ranch had given my horse to this other woman to ride, and I’m just furious because, for one thing, they’ve overridden the horse. For another thing, other people really aren’t supposed to ride that horse, let alone not treat it well. And I recognize the foreman’s up to something.

Not that you can prove anything, but I get so mad I tell them that if that ever happens again, I’ll not only take my horse, also my third to the ranch to some outside interest, I’m just really furious. And I’ve taken the horse aside to groom him because it’s been overworked.

And then I’m studying the pattern of those bones on the ground again, trying to figure them out. It’s like I think the horse has some clue to them, but of course the horse can’t talk. And now it feels like I’m up against the foreman of the ranch, in some ways, but I’m still trying to figure out what happened. Anyway, I get so frustrated, I wake up.

John: So what you’re talking about, the theme of the dreaming, is what enables one to understand what this means. And the theme of the dreaming has to do with a process that works with mirroring the stillness.

In other words, you don’t just go into a stillness and leave everything behind. You go into a stillness for purposes of creating a mirroring in the outer. That’s how you bring the stillness back into the outer. In other words, you don’t take and get engaged in some bifurcation or another in the outer, as something that is real. You don’t go deviating into that and trying to make something out of it – unless you’re capable of using yourself as an example to create the mirroring to something more.

That’s why I believe that a lot of conduct that a teacher does is about where they take and they act this way and they act that way, none of it is done in a seriousness where they’re bifurcated and actually vested in that sort of thing. Just like when you look at it this way, when you’re looking at things like this, can you pull that out? Or are you to buy into it?

So if you have students who are all caught in their own things, and they’re going back and forth with their own things, and you’re trying to get them to see that there’s something more by all these different practices that you have, that enable them to kind of let go of that and inflect back to the stillness, the fact that you see them caught up in this and caught up in that, one of the ways in which to help the student is to be able to take on whatever it is as their deviations, to absorb the deviations, so to speak, to free them up so that they can experience the stillness.

That’s a step in the path. Now if you don’t know how to do that particular step on the path where you can actually take on an individual’s karma, so to speak, where you can take it into yourself and then feed it back to them, if you’re not able to do that, then there is another way. And that way is where you take and you create a side schematic and you go and you play act in that side schematic in full drama way, as if that’s important. And you have to sell that lock, stock, and barrel as a parallel, as a tandem, to what the student is actually doing in all of their bifurcated ways. You have to sell this bifurcated way that is something that is like a good intent portentiousness from the teacher. You have to sell it in such a way so that it really does look like that’s what it is.

But you, as the teacher, hold a space of stillness, so that as this other occurs, the student catches up with the stillness and not the abstraction. If they catch up with the abstraction and get all lost and mired in that, then what can be done? I mean, they were getting lost and mired in their own bifurcations, anyway, and this is a manufactured bifurcation, a Layla sort of thing, that is there for them to progress.

The reason why I say this is, this is what you did in your dream. So what you did is you had a horse, which meant that you took and you rode an action of power in and over a schematic in the outer. And, in doing so, you observed, you looked down upon the way the bones of things were laid out. You didn’t necessarily buy into the bones of things, you just looked at the bones.

And what made you mad was, instead of getting it, they tried to jump the power point that had to do with the ability that you had to take, and show, and reveal, and cause them to look at the bones of things. In other words, one of the steps in the path, or a big step in the path, is to get into the stillness. And you get into the stillness by catching up with the full kundalini energy. And you get into the full kundalini energy on the other side, as well as on this side.

And when you have the full kundalini energy taken in to yourself, you then are able to go out in the midst of the bones, the bones in this case are the symbolic that represents the way everything is all this way and that way. And how it is that you move about in relationship to that is as a type of mirroring, that what feeds back from that is what others can come to recognize in terms of catching up and taking a step inside of themselves; important motion, or movement, inside of themselves that brings them forward.

So, the misuse of kundalini energy, of which one-third is on this side and two-thirds are on the other side, is when a person takes and gets caught up in things in the outer. If a person takes and gets caught up with things in the outer, and fails to see what that mirrors, that the outer is a mirroring to a stillness that’s within, to where the kundalini energy is in this whole different modality, and in the outer it is askew and astir. If a person is not able to recognize that and instead has to buy into the power, which means ride the horse, your threat is, okay, then to hell with you – because that isn’t what the outer is about.

See what you’re dreaming also is a schematic, is that you’re traveling in the principle of what’s called “in God,” so that what reflects out of you, in terms of the things that you may see yourself doing, you are just doing those things, you’re not doing those things from the standpoint that you buy into them, lock, stock, and barrel, and, therefore, have to go backwards inside of yourself to free yourself up, meaning that you have to step away from those things, and use those things symbolically to understand that there’s a depth of stillness behind all of this. That the understanding of a dream, and of those actions, per se, has to do with going backwards into the stillness.

Now, this is a dream, which is saying that the actions and the conduct that you’re doing is just abstractive. It’s not something that you are caught up in; you are able to ride the power wave of the kundalini energy, in the outer, in front of all the bones of things. And anyone who understands who you really are is to see the stillness, in that, that you mirror. You’re doing it for purposes of mirroring, reflectively mirroring. You catch up with the stillness and then you bring it back into life by going into things, whatever you go into in the outer, but you go into them not because it’s something that have to do, or need to do, or caught up in having to do, you go into them because you just happen to go into them. And, as you go into them, you are in a whole other space and depth inside of yourself.

So you mirror from whatever it is that you go into – something of a divine letting go, something of the stillness – for those who are ready to see this in a revelational way. If they don’t see it in a revelational way, and they instead seem to look at what you’re doing and seem to think that they need to get even more caught up in that, then they’re violating, then they’re misusing that magnetic one-third of the kundalini energy that’s in life.

And so, your point is, if that’s all that a person is capable of doing, if no one’s able to get the inner hint to the stillness, then you’re going to sell the darn place, which is a way of saying you’re going to leave Dodge. You’re going to go away from manifestation. Now you’re never really going to do this. Instead, you are going to be doing whatever you’re doing in the outer, and for those who can see they can see, for those that can’t see, then something gets lost. In other words, the whole principle of manifestation is for God to be able to see and hear Himself.

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overf-bathemA visit out of the country, an overflowing bathtub, a collapsing porch, and a long drop down to the water – all elements of a dream that doesn’t seem to be going too well. Yet some dreams are just meant to show us where we are, within ourselves, about something that is going on in our life. To be out of our element, because we have made an inner change, is natural. There is always a period of adjustment when circumstances evolve. Sometimes we’ll feel overwhelmed. That’s why it’s always good to remember that life is a process, and that we can’t possibly always have our act together if we are continuing to grow. The more conscious we are of this, the easier the transitions can be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The early dreams I was looking at something I’d seen in the wedding, and that’s the dream I don’t remember. I just was studying out that whole thing for a long time.

The later dream, it feels like I’m leaving wherever I’m living, that feels like New York, to go down to the Dominican Republic to visit a man I knew, and feels like I had been in a relationship with him and I’m going to see him again. But, in the meantime, because of our separation, I’ve become more independent. I’m doing more of my own things.

So I go down to visit him. And his circumstances have changed somewhat. He’s suddenly living very simply, somehow, maybe he got social security, because his family’s actually very powerful. But he right now he’s living very simply. So I go into this kind of simple house that he has. He has a porch, outside, but there’s not a lot you can do on the porch because everybody watches everybody else on their porch.

And then when I go in the house, initially I go in and it’s like we’re both going to take a bath. But I’ve gone into the bath and I’ve noticed that like a towel had dropped in the water, so I’ve picked it up and wrung it out and hung it on the wall. And then I glanced down and I see that he can’t get in the bath because I filled the water up almost to the top. Even I have to step out because it’s gotten too full.

So then I go into another room in the house, I’m looking around and he’s talking about how he’s gotten some kind of assistance from the government now, that he lives on, and he also has some counselor that he works with, he wants me to go see. But I’m just studying all this out. And I go into a room that opens up, that almost feels like a vast room for this little cottage. And in it he has some old furniture from his family’s estate. And what the furniture has on it is those wonderful like brass pieces that are formed into like, little fleur-de-lis, or other kinds of patterns, that were ornamental on the furniture. It’s almost like he’s letting all that dry out so he can use those for something. So I go over and pick one of those up, and I’m a little bit fascinated with it.

Then we go outside on the porch, and another friend of his is with us. We went on a side porch, not the outdoor porch. And when I first go out, I realize that I can look over the edge of the porch and look way down. And I see this really interesting dock going out into some water, way down, though, I mean, very, very long ways down. But then the dock just starts disappearing underwater, like it’s a real ancient dock, or causeway, or something.

And then I start to walk to the other end of the porch, and I walk up a ways, but suddenly the porch has a total slant to it so that you start sliding down. And he’s down near the bottom. And then I tell him that this is too much for me, because it’s gotten so slanted you could fall over the edge – and then there’s that long fall down to where that dock way goes out in the water. And that makes me uncomfortable.

So I go over and grab a hold of something and get off that porch. And that’s when I’m beginning to realize that he may want me to stay there. But in the time that I was away, I’ve changed. And he wants me to go talk to his counselor with him, too. But I’m realizing, at the same time, that regardless of what happens, it seems like I’ve changed and I don’t have the sense I’ll be staying there.

John: To begin with, when you were taking and you were dreaming a little bit about the wedding, you were actually, because you didn’t pull anything out in your meditation dream, you were actually delving into it, but not able to bring it to a point of where it had a conscious quality that actually is capable of working in a shifting capacity way. Because when you bring something through, inside of yourself, then you’re actually able to effectuate the outer with your vibration.

But, it was enough, in that what resulted was you then went and you looked at the whole pattern, in terms of yourself, you looked at the whole pattern in terms of yourself and how you yourself are in this very same pattern. And so what you’ve noticed is that you are involved in a situation in which things are kind of provided in such and such a format that, as a consequence, it has provided an atmosphere by which certain watery quality characteristics can occur.

Now, the watery quality characteristic that is over-the-top, that not even you can handle, is where you fill the tub in the bathroom. And every little thing that you say, and indicate, from there on, are characteristics that describe how this pattern needs to unfold. In other words, when something is too over-the-top, then there isn’t the natural means to go into the depths of something. In other words, the area that extends out, like a slide, smooth area – I could even feel the visualization of that because I’ve seen that inside of myself – that slides out into the water like a dock that’s endless, and immortal, and goes on and on and then goes to a depth. There’s a natural way of doing that.

And if something is over-the-top, you then fall off an edge, so to speak, in other words, you’re engulfed in the situation. The thing that’s different in the dreaming here is that we’re in a watery situation where you have the atmosphere more accentuated in this regard, as opposed to the atmosphere being more accentuated in Vegas, in terms of a way of being in an energetic mannerism that takes and probes into life directly. In this atmosphere, you’re dealing in a situation which you have the watery atmosphere that tends to engulf things, and tends to accentuate the sense of something that’s pent up, or is unconscious. And that you have to get through that.

And so, I forget the little things that you mentioned in the end, but the large furniture and the ornaments from the past are, symbolically speaking, in the outer. There is a quality in the vibration that helps to touch a spaciality of your being, that is important in terms of you not getting so engrossed in yourself that the water condition of your nature keeps you from being able to come to the surface.

The counselor is, to use the term of Ibn Araby, in the Kingdom of Man, you have the scribe that goes back and forth, that goes between a depth of stillness, and out into manifestation, that can make the grade. The counselor is what enables; the scribe is always right, the scribe in yourself as always right. Yet, can you catch up with what the scribe has to tell you?

If the scribe told you perfectly what you need to hear, then you would have no trouble seeing how this infinite dock goes out into the water in a gradual way, as everything is cope-able. The scribe does this. The scribe brings through the clarity so that you don’t have the overwhelm of the water.

So what’s interesting is, again, back to what I mentioned before, if you get to the meditation to the point where you actually are able to pull out something from a depth within the meditation, and bring it into the outer, then that gives you a capacity to then dream even deeper at a depth where you could now see how it is you can actually, energetically, through a stillness, shift things. Until you do that, you’re still making a report to the stillness, you’re still going back making a report to the stillness.

But then when you get to the point where you can travel in the stillness, travel in God, so to speak, that’s when you actually shift things with the stillness. Anything that you might do in the outer is completely secondary, completely secondary, it’s just kind of like coincidental as an effect, so to speak. It’s not the focus. The focus is upon something else that maintains what is necessary for something to be able to come through to a change

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