The Equation

Ec2ologyWe witness it all the time in nature: certain flowers bloom, and that brings the bees and the butterflies. The rains come, and the local birds know that the feeding in the lowlands will be good for a few days. All things wait for their environment, their ecology. The bees won’t come without the flowers, and the birds won’t arrive in a specific spot until after it rains. So, in trying to make ourselves invitational to what we want to connect with, we have to understand it from the perspective of that thing, and create in ourselves the appropriate ecology. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is a rather simple one. And, in that, I seem to just be out on the street, and there’s a robbery that happens. And then the police, or someone, are coming around and asking about the robbery. I think the robbers are even nearby and observing everything.

But I don’t let the police know that I have this photographic memory, because I’m going over it and I realize I could tell them every single thing about whoever it was that snatched something, but I don’t seem to want them caught. So I just don’t tell anybody, other than something very general about what happened. I don’t tell them that actually I could specifically identify the robber. That was the first dream.

John: It’s as if something is going on that one’s not able to keep up with because one’s attention is averted, or distracted, in some fashion. In other words, in your dream, you’re not bringing out everything that is needed to be brought out into the equation. And, therefore, what is going on is continuing to break down.

And it’s almost as if that breaking down is purposeful. In other words, what you’re finding is you’re in life, and then robbers are in life, too? And yet, when inquiries are made about how something should be, you’re not telling the police what you know, you’re keeping it to yourself. And so that’s the reflection that’s occurring; that’s the thing that’s occurring in the outer.

So, for you to have something like that means that deep down you’re holding on to something that you’re not sharing. Now, is it a belief? Is it something that needs to air itself out and to come out? Is it a deeper stillness that has another sort of aliveness to it?

Basically, what I think this is, is behind all of this is I think that there is a deeper inflection that is going on. And that what you’re seeing, as an image, is something that correlates to how it is that you’re accustomed to being, or how it is that you’re going along with things. But deeper, deeper down is an awareness that can be brought out of the stillness, that you are sitting with, amnesically, subconsciously with, and are not bringing it to the forefront. And if you were to bring it to the forefront, you would be able to take into account a bigger picture.

So instead you’re allowing something to continue, Instead of reaching down and bringing out a bigger picture, or sweeping a greater overallness into it all. So how and what is that all about? What that’s like is that within the human heart is the ability to take into account everything that exists, but you can’t take everything that exists into a proper accounting if you’re still holding out, you’re still holding on to something that hasn’t flushed through.

And so, I actually think what you’re doing, as well, is you’re describing the dilemma that exists, in terms of where things are at right now. I think that there is a certain dynamic that is playing itself out in the outer, and that people who react, the typical looking at that reaction, in terms of that, is just too shallow, because there is a deeper depth that needs to be reached.

Now what is that deeper depth? What is it that you keep talking about, or keep inferring about, that is being kept out of the equation, that is holding back from the equation? I think it’s a deeper stillness. I think that in a deeper stillness what can then rise out, because as you keep going deeper and deeper and deeper within, you keep catching up subtler, and subtler, and subtler vibrations. And you’re limited to the degree to which you can go into the stillness, or so it seems, the human condition is limited, in that, at some particular point, the stillness is such that on a deep, subtle level, something stirs and out of that stirring is something that inflects, and that inflection affects the reflections – because it’s coming from a deeper stillness.

So you have reflections that come from a quietness that’s up to one level, or degree, and then there are inflections that come from an even deeper stillness. So if you’re reacting or living in a world in which you’re only working with reflections that come from the earth element, and that can create an over-bias in terms of, just using this as an example, can create an over-bias in terms of the literalness of things, a deeper stillness takes into account more than just the earth element, it takes into account the other tariqas or mannerisms in life; it takes into account the water, the air, and the fire element. And until you bring all of that into the equation, you’re inclined to be taking something a little bit off onto a tangent. So you’re dreaming about how something remains in a tangent because a greater revealing isn’t happening.

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