Left Behind

Harper-train-34Anyone who has ever missed a train that they absolutely had to catch knows that the first thought is: can I get to the next station before the train does? This is how it is with energies and being in the flow: they never stand still, but are always in motion and evolving. When we go off on our own tangent – usually by taking something too personally – we are left in the station while the flow moves on. And, through our development, we can become more and more able to stay on the train as it moves through life, going where the flow takes us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my next dream, it feels like I’m engaged to this man. And he has a ship, or a yacht,

that he spends a certain amount of time on, and I’m usually on the land. But, at some point, I have family that’s going to visit, so I’m going back and forth before that.

And when I first go on his little yacht, there’s a main room and it feels like I’ve helped design the way that tables fit up against the wall there. But then I leave and I come back, and he seems to go out on the yacht and come back to shore, or at least, I mean, where the yacht is docked. And when I go out on the yacht this time, I see that he’s put in a whole new set of tables that kind of nestle a certain way up against the wall. And that I’m not that aware of what he’s doing on the yacht with his friends, when they go out to sea, that I don’t know much about the detail of what they’re doing – so I have a little uneasiness about that.

And, then there’s just a slight shift in the dream where it feels like, on the land sometimes I travel up through the mountains before I go down to where the water is. And I’m scouting out a route, through the mountain passes, to get down there.

John: In this dream, you have been on the boat and you have set the tables up in a particular way? And then the boat has come and gone, and come and gone, it’s made a voyage or two, or whatever, and everything is in a different arrangement.

And so, because of that, you are feeling that you’re out of touch with what’s taking place because when it was set up it was set up under one motif, and then the thing has come and gone and come gone a few times and it’s now under a whole different… There appears to be something more going on that you’re not keeping up with.

So if you take the scenario, and the scenario was this whole reactive thing that occurred yesterday, in which I felt that things are too dire in terms of how one is looking at things. In other words, viewing grief as being some aspect of love, simply because what is going on is not making sense.

In the first dream you’re pointing out that a greater stillness or something is needed in order to contend with that. In this dream, you’re showing that maybe the reason for the greater stillness is because your involvement, your note into the equation, has lost its effect. In other words, things have changed. Something has changed in terms of the comings and goings. And the way you felt that the table and the mannerism of things was set up, you felt that this is how things needed to be.

And so the fact that something has changed means that something is askew. And you have two ways that you can look at that. You can look at that as requiring a greater depth and a greater meaning. The first dream dealt with the need for deeper a stillness, to be able to bring something into the equation – as opposed to just sitting with it as dense as it was. And, in the second dream, what unfolds just unfolds. And where you were holding the note to something has been left behind. In other words, there’s more going on in the equation.

And I suppose one could actually take a reactive view and say that what is occurring had no right to occur without you being part of the action, without you being on top of it, and aware of it. It’s as if something shifted, and changed, and happened – and left you behind.

I mean, that’s interesting information: isn’t that what is haywire in life, is something is changing, something is shifting, we’re coming into an age when there’s so much going on that one has to make a deeper switch or change in terms of an inner depth – or they’re not going to be able to keep up? And to try to act as if there is a particular quality, or a note, that one can adhere to is perhaps looking at something in too much of an absolute way.

In other words, there are things that are changing. And then there are things that are absolute, but then you could get caught and lost on what is absolute. And the only real absolute is that there is a greater and greater and greater stillness. And I don’t think it’s the right attitude to be assuming that there’s something wrong in the stillness, although it can appear that there’s something amiss, all right, in that the reflections that I can see from deep inside of myself, that come up out of that stillness, of which the reflections that are in the outer seem to be just like a lesser octave of that, seem to be all swallowed up by the reflections that are coming up from deep within.

The whole thing presupposes that I know what’s going on in the stillness, and I’m finding out that if I truly let go, I will find that in the stillness there is peace. And so, the definition for grief is love that is not letting go. And joy is a quality, joy and peace are deemed to be love’s strength. So, if you have love that is not letting go, that means that you’re reacting through the fact these voyages, the comings and goings of things, have left you behind. Because for some particular reason what you set up, you expected to carry the day, to hold the way things are – and something is different.

You’re not, as in the first dream, properly accessing, and recognizing, and giving greater credence, to love’s strength, which is joy and peace, and that is found in a stillness.

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