Settled Out

e82d58When we have a house in a dream, we can view ourselves as that house, a place with many rooms, and different levels, some under construction, some under repair, some neat and tidy, some worn and frayed. We are all of these things, and more. So, what goes on in these rooms?, and who is in them?, and what does it require to get there?, and what floor is it on?, are all questions that can be asked about our inner state after a dream such as this. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, I seem to be in a house. It must be with my fiance, or someone, because it feels like maybe it’s even his house. And I’m exploring some of the rooms in the house because the house has different levels, and his parents live on one floor, and there’s some floors that are maybe even rented out, and there’s other floors that we’re staying in. Plus,  there’s some room where my parents will visit. And there seems to be a ground level where, when my mother comes, that’s where we go.

But, at one point, I want to take her, or take my parents, and take them up through a kind of narrow hallway, and a doorway, and some rooms had been remodeled, that are even kind of ugly or need remodeling, yet, but haven’t been, and take them to where I can introduce them to my fiance’s parents and show them the rooms the parents stay – which are a little nicer rooms, more finished.

Because my mother’s come my family’s come, taking, I think, my mother, or my mother and my father, up to meet his parents. And when we do that, I have to take them through the rooms that we’ve kind of torn apart and haven’t really fixed up yet, to an upper level and around a corner to where his parents live.

And then there’s another part of the house where you feel like it might even be rented out, or belong to somebody else, that I haven’t explored yet. But I do take them to the nicer rooms, that have been fixed up for a while, where the parents live and where they will stay when they come for the night. That was the dream I had after you came to bed.

John: So, the ones that you’re taking a round are the parents. What do you think the parents represent, in this case? What do you think the fiance represents?

Jeane: Well, to me, sometimes the parents represent an energy that’s already settled.

John: Right.

Jeane: The fiance represents, it’s kind of a new energy, and we’re remodeling still, and we’re digging in at lower levels.

John: Right. I would say it in more of a masculine way by saying that the fiance kind of represents God. And the parents represent qualities of change agents, of a depth within that, that have yet to become settled, that is astir.

And so this is a dream that is seeking to add to, correct, or modify, adjust, what you dreamt before. And so what you dreamt before is there’s a greater stillness, requiring a greater letting go. And then there is the requirement of having to take into account, you know, you can’t come down in your usual singular way. You have to go around and come down on this other trail that was incorporating, and intertwining, was something more, that is absolving and resolving, and coming into a wholeness.

Whenever you take and you subject and introduce yourself to something that is unique and different, it’s like embracing something new and you now have to adjust to that. And so this dream is indicating that the confusion and the chaos you experience is not really grief, it’s having to adjust to the fact that it has to be done in a different and new way.

You have to let go to that as the process; it isn’t something well settled. That’s what you’re at. In other words, you’re correcting, you’re explaining why it is that something has changed. What you’re doing is you’re explaining that because something has changed, it is having its effect upon the overallness of your being. And it’s going to take a while for you to figure out how to incorporate that – as a settled out, greater beingness, which would be a stillness.

But, initially, it’s not a stillness. Initially, it’s like this and that, and that, and that, and that, and that all over the place. And that’s why a person tends to hold to a singular note, is because they think they’re closer to a stillness that way, but, in this particular case, so much going on, things are speeding up. In order to incorporate it all one has to reach out and take it all in, and, initially that can be discombobulating. But that’s the shorter way.

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