The Reduction

i2223esIt is easy to feel overwhelmed in the world today, and so we humans have compensated for this feeling by shrinking everything that comes our way down into a manageable size. But being a human on a planet is a small thing, in universal terms, and what we really want to do is expand ourselves out into the universe – to encompass more and more of the wholeness. To do this requires the whole of ourselves, because it is way too much for just our brain and five senses – we need to use our instinct, intuition, and higher emotions to connect into the more of things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my dream is kind of peaceful, actually. In the dream, I think I’ve been listening to some meditation tapes last night and talks about Taoism, or something, so in my sleep, the dream was rather quiet.

And it was like, at first I was laying in this bed with you, and I was putting either one type of, it was like a diver’s mask, or another type of diver’s mask, over my face. And each mask, which was glass, but maybe tinted a little different color, one was kind of more clear, and maybe one had a blue tint to it, represented a certain type of energy in Tai Chi or Qigong. And I might be going back and forth between the two masks, and also cleaning them, to try to decide which one was right, or sometimes switching between the two.

But it was really a peaceful feeling, it was like I was kind of putting on one mask and making sure it was all clear and everything, and then I might be putting on the other one and seeing how that felt different. And then the scene switched slightly…

John: So, the thing about the masks, is the masks are like very subtle energetics, or vibrations. And, typically, what happens is, in the outer, a person adopts these characteristics or mannerisms, and that slows down their quality of development, or, in other words, in terms of consciousness, in terms of being properly still.

But when done with the focus of Tai Chi, what you’re basically doing is that you’re taking each particular aspect, that has its outer connotation, and you’re trying to bring it into an absolved slowness, so that behind that mask, which normally can have a denseness, you find the subtleness, the quietness, instead. And you do this with every little nuance of things that can possibly be thought of because every action and motion that you make is reflective to a quality of inner stillness.

And so when you see yourself stiff in some capacity, you work upon bringing it into a letting go, and to the addressing of the mask of that stiffness, or reservation, you move into that to find the subtleness behind it. So that that way, instead, you are catching up with the inner inflection, rather than the grosser, outer, denser reflection that predominates in the physical.

Now, I’ll just say briefly, the way I dreamt this differently was that the flash is still there, but the flash of whatever it is that’s a mask is such a fast flash that it tricks the senses. In other words, the senses left to their own devices would be taking in things in a more banal way. But if you speed something up, in terms of the images of something, you can actually get to the point where you go into something that’s not perceivable to the senses.

Now, that which is not perceivable to the senses, yet is speeded up, and is still working with a flow, still has an energetic behind it. But the ego has a hard time grasping it, and holding on to that, because it can’t see it, because it’s too fast. And if you are able to slow it down to where you can barely catch the glimpses of the inflections, you will notice that they go by so fast that there’s no time for you to buy into it.

And so, this is yet another way of portraying what stillness really is. Stillness is a condition and a point, in a flow, in which things are put in a motion, so to speak, in terms of action in the outer, that stillness is the point where the flow, that is coming up, is coming up at a speed that is beyond the capabilities of the senses to catch; in other words, they can’t see this pure light and, as a consequence, it’s experienced as a stillness.

And where the joy is at, behind all of this, is that this is a quality of the Divine Essence, and the Divine Essence that manifests itself in creation, does so with joy. But that gets stripped out if there’s the indulgence, in the images that come up; if you pause on that, and thereby noodle with the vibration and the energetic, as if that then reduces that to something that you are taking into account, then, in a dense way, rather than in a divine, free way, you are reducing it to something that can be personally acknowledged and noticed, as opposed to something that can only be experienced as a quality of light. And this kind of quality of light, when you speak of it in this way, you could just as easily substitute in the words: universal soul.

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