Beyond the Grasp

261adWe may think that the only way that we communicate is through words, but there are many forms of communication: sound, touch, light, color, temperature, etc. Usually we translate these sensations into words – so that we can organize them within ourselves. But our brain is not our fastest system. Our instinct tells us information, in the way of a “gut” feeling, far quicker than our brain will. And this information is being relayed to us constantly, but we usually ignore it to listen to the brain instead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then the dream switches, instead of like in the first part of the dream when I’m looking at these two almost like diving masks, I would say, that I think of as like glasses that go over the face, we’re here in this bed. And then the dream switches, and I’m sitting on a bed up in Latham, with you, you’re in bed. But I’m kind of sitting up and you’re laying down.

And you’ve set your glasses on the floor, and I have picked up my glasses, which look more like regular glasses now, and I’m cleaning them. And then I pick your glasses up off the floor, too, to clean them, and mine are shaped somewhat differently than yours. And I seem to be talking to you about the differences, and wanting to clean both of the glasses.

John: So this is information, in terms of how you actually speed up. So if, for example, you only look at things in one way, in terms of one pitch, or motion, and that could be like, for example, the expression of Las Vegas, you’re going to see things under that motif. You cannot help but to see it under that motif because your senses, in the outer, are going to be bringing the information in a particular streamlined way.

And so then, when you go up to Latham, it is a little different. But then the dream repeats, almost like another layer of all of that, by pointing out that there are glasses, and then there are glasses on the floor. And what it is trying to say by that is you have to be able to go both directions, simultaneously. You can’t be biased in one and not the other.

If you’re a person that’s caught in having to distinguish the differentiation of things, then that slows down the flow and you fail to keep up with the speed of something else that is trying to move, and you find yourself, then, victimized, so to speak, by the physical, denser, reality of things – buying into the reflections, rather than into the essence of the flow, that, as I described before, is like a stillness because the way it comes across is at a speed that the mind can’t grasp.

And when the mind can’t grasp and lets go, it lets go into kind of like a shadow, or amnesia, quality. I don’t know how else you would say it, in that it doesn’t quite grasp it; it can’t quite see the pure light. And so, it’s a stillness.

In other words, it’s like the Star Trek show where they had this buzzing sound that was heard. And there were these little flickers of light. And when you slowed that down, it actually turned into a language, and a beingness, as opposed to flickers of light and a buzzing sound. It’s just that they were going at such speed that they didn’t quite register in a slowed-down way. You could have speeded it up even more, it wouldn’t even have existed. And it would have been nothing but a stillness. The whole intent was very peaceful.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Beyond the Grasp

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