Gate of Wonders

gateway-lAs humans, we may ponder the subtleties of life, but do we ponder why we can ponder the subtleties of life? To look at the universe is to understand that things unfold according to laws, with every cause leading to an effect. And because of this, it is unfolding toward something, or somewhere – perhaps some evolved state. Much of the grief in the world may, indeed, be caused by our disconnection from the utter beauty of things doing what they are meant to do. When things do what they are designed and meant to do, they find themselves in a sacred state. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had three dreams. The first was a little bit less a dream than just kind of a scenario. And, in this scenario, my dad and I are going down, and I think that you or someone like you is along, too. And my dad has this idea that there’s this baseball team in town, and, as kind of like a lark, he’s going to go down and try out for it, because he has a sense that he and initially I think it’s me, but it ends up being you, can get on this team as kind of novelty batters, or something.

But where we go is we go right to a place where the ocean meets the shore. And that’s where you have the tryouts for the baseball team. In fact it’s almost like the batter’s standing on the land, and the pitcher and everybody must be out on the water. But I realize that I don’t really think either of you are going to get picked up by a Major League team.

John: So what you’re portraying is a quality of a letting go, in which the evolvement of things doesn’t have any kind of particular definition. Anything that has a particular definition is limited. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to now ponder that Tao thing that you read.

In other words, the limiting thing would be for me and your dad to be picked up by a Major League team because we’re actually doing something that’s noticeable, that has a particular consequence, or an effect, that can be utilized in some capacity, or taken in and steered in a kind of mental control in some fashion, or capacity.

But your dad and I, we just take the pitches that come, and we hit them out into infinity; they’re absorbed by the ocean, they don’t fall into a particular motif. So what you’re dream is saying to you is that the essence of yourself, in other words, as you sit as a being in manifestation, you are realizing that there’s nothing to be attained or accomplished, per se, that will fulfill you in manifestation.

So, you take in life in such a way whereby the input of things coming in – and the input of things coming in are kind of like something masculine in orientation – in other words, it’s because it’s the masculine that has to deal with the input of things, has to bring the stuff in, and you’re realizing that that masculine, those aspects of things, the value of those is not in terms of coming up with something that’s this or that – definitional – so that it meets and reaches some sort of recognition, recruited in some fashion, in some linear, definitional way.

You have come to know that the greater meaningfulness of things is that what comes in can get splayed, just like the definition of the word beingness in what you read, gets splayed into the overall wholeness of something that’s non-definitional.

So, what you’ve done is you’ve actually, in your dream, caught the meaning of beingness. And you’ve caught the meaning of nothingness. You should read that dream and put it on the tape.

Jeane: This is from a book called The Complete Works of Lao Tzu. It’s translated and elucidated by Hua-Ching Mi, and this is from the Tao Te Ching – but, again, it his elucidation or translation of it.

“Now the subtle reality of the universe cannot be described. That which can be described in words is merely a conception of the mind. Although names and descriptions have been applied to it, the subtle reality is beyond the description.

“One may use the word ‘nothingness’ to describe the origin of the universe, and ‘beingness’ to describe the mother of the myriad things. But nothing and beingness are merely conceptions. From the perspective of nothingness, one may perceive the expansion of the universe. From the perspective of beingness, one may distinguish individual things. Both are for the conceptual convenience of the mind.

“Although different concepts can be applied, nothingness and beingness, and other conceptual activity of the mind, all come from the same indescribable, subtle originalness. The Way is the unfoldment of such subtle reality. Having reached the subtlety of the universe, one may see the ultimate subtlety, the gate of all wonders.”

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