A Commonality

videobll01The culture would have us think that human evolution is based on technology and cures for diseases, yet that is only what people get up to while a different line of progress unfolds. And that progression is handed down genetically. That means evolutionary adaptations as well as traumas. It has been shown that people who experience shared trauma – such as war, or poverty – pass along genetic markers in their DNA to their offspring. So, we may want to believe we are on our own, but the universe, and the planet, and the species don’t see it that way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m contacted by relatives that I hardly know. There is an inheritance that needs to be distributed, and, apparently, I’m one of the shirttail relatives or something that’s entitled to some aspect of all of this.

And it’s a side of the family that I don’t know much about, as they try to explain the relationship thing to me, but that whole thing is just too complicated for me to grasp. And, in terms of coming to me, everything and everyone is accounted for except for a particular connection that’s, again, like a shirttail relative, still part of all of the intertwining of things, that they don’t seem to know anything about.

And so I don’t know why they would think that I could have any ideas, in that regard, because I hardly know who they are. But, nevertheless, I’m being asked if I have any information in that regard.

Well as coincidences would have it, I am in the process of figuring this out in terms of another connection – independent from these particular relatives. And again, I have to figure this out because it has to be located. And it’s some infinitesimal, small part, and I’m trying to figure out how to do the math inside, and I can’t quite even do the math inside. And so now I’m presented with this other, and how do I put the two and two together, and then what does that..? I mean, I can’t compose this at all, nor can I compare where I’m at with them.

And they initially can’t believe what is taking place to be possible, what I have to show them, in terms of where I am at with this is, in a way, similar in regards of the figuring out in terms of their thread.

So the meaning is, in terms of understanding a deeper knowingness, I learn that there is an intertwined connection to a stream of evolution I hadn’t realized existed. In realizing this, a greater corresponding awareness is coming together. So, if one was to look at this in terms of the scenario, or explanation and meaning, in trying to understand the significance of joy and grief in terms of love, a greater connectivity to the correlative depths of the soul is being revealed.

The dream is revealing where I’m at in catching up with an intertwined connection. In the dream I have to cope with a commonality as I close the gap to an intertwined understanding. From the prior night, I learned that there are images in the stillness that the mind cannot grasp, and, as that is synchromatically brought into the unfoldment of tonight, in other words, as the nothing that is brought into the beingness, an intertwined awareness goes even more exponential.

I seem to be surprised by that; I shouldn’t be. The dream is pointing out that I’m still catching up the fact that we are all one. The dream is showing me where I am at in coming to terms with my greater overallness of being. From the flash images of the prior evening that brought me to a conscious inflection point, I am realizing that that inflection point and this inflection point are correlated, or intertwined. In the dream, as I’m scrambling to sort that out, I come to face a oneness. I am yet surprised, however, because I still have my amnesia to contend with. That’s the meditation dream.

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