12BgeWe may have noticed the many lives within us: one thinks our career is most important, one thinks our love life is, one is vain about our appearance, one is lazy and wants to drop all responsibility. These lives, and many more, have different moments in us, each taking the lead for certain periods of time and setting the agenda. But, these differing agendas can dilute our ability to make progress. It is always best to give all the lives within us an organizing principle, one that each of our lives can rally around and support, and that gives us a reference for making decisions. This is why every life can benefit from having a higher purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I go to a lecture to hear a successful person give an inspirational speech to some aspiring young adults who are at a threshold in their life. These are students who are looking for what is important in their lives.

In other words, it’s like they’re going to college, or are about to go to college, about to make a major step, and so they’re listening to this inspirational speaker. The person who is speaking is deemed to be of renown, and I’m talked into going to listen because I know one of the students. The student probably even has talked to the speaker, because what unfolds indicates that something got tweaked.

Well, I go to listen, and I sit in the front row. And, of course, they’re all young, just starting out in life, and I’m kind of an old geezer; I’ve made my run. So the student who invited me, apparently having spoken to the scholar, must have been holding me out with some esteem with the scholar. Now, as I said, I’m the old person and everyone else is young just getting started in life, and other than the speaker, who probably deems that he has lived his life in an accomplished way, everything’s at a drawing board here.

So, at a lull in the presentation, the speaker asked me if I went to college. Well, I can tell by the nature of his question, that the idea of getting a college education and credentials is a meaningful process. And I say to him, in answer to his question, that for me a college education would have been a mistake. I speak of another lifestyle in which I made sacrifices that others deem unpleasant. I point out that things have worked out for me, and I am now free to do whatever I want. I’m able to just play around and enjoy life.

I then say, it is not as if I never went to college, I just never went to get a degree because, to do so, would have been a mistake. Nothing that I did was designed to make me into something specific. I never graduated. When I was done, he sort of disappeared. A bit of his presentation was shredded. His pitch was about following a particular thread of development, or unfoldment. What I spoke about was an exception to that, in that I was coming from a focus and attention that was listening, apparently, to within, because from the outer, this makes a lot of sense, those conceptualizations that he was presenting.

So, the meaning is, I am having to contend with two parts of myself: there is a side that notices what others notice to be important, and reflects that. And so I’m able to look at that as a reflection and projection. And there is another part of me that knows such criteria and way of being shuts a person off from finding true freedom.

So, what is the dream doing? The dream is working with softening my energetic that is more effective when I step back from any particular way and take in a greater overallness as my beingness. To do so I have to let go of the definitions that others impose upon themselves.

Reason for dream, or, in other words, the scenario that triggered it: a four-point plan was presented to society by a teacher I know. In reading the four-point plan I realized there are going to be people who take it literally. That would have been a problem for me, and I am glad that I opened up to more than a directed system. For me that would have been a mistake. It would have defined me in a self-limiting way.

That is what I find that I am really reacting about; in other words, what was I reacting about in terms of this four-point plan? Was I reacting in terms of the idea of grief? Well there’s more to grief. It’s important in terms of an aspect of letting go to catch up to love, but then don’t go mistaking that for love because that’s not true. As an aspect, or form, of love, just like joy is love’s strength, too, and grief, maybe as a way of catching up to a letting go.

So when you take and you present it as a four-point plan, or any kind of system or plan, and you present that in the outer like that, all you’re doing is like admonishing a person to go ahead and follow an A, B, C checklist to getting ahead in the world, like going to college and so on. What that does is it shuts down the fertileness of something that is an aliveness trying to be in a quickened way.

And it’s susceptible to being deceived by following some singular thread, or another, and not take in a much larger picture. So that’s what I’m reacting about. Because, deep within, there is something expressing itself, in this dream, as an energetic seeking much more.

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