In the Dumps

maxltWe have spoken of the urge in the universe to refine, and much of that is a robotic process whereby everything tries to be better at what it already does, according to new environmental factors. But, that’s the physical side of evolution. How do things evolve spiritually? Well, the human is the only form of life that can, by its presence, by its radiation, let other forms of life experience higher energetics than the planetary. And whenever higher energies touch lower energies, something can be transferred – and that is a service to the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the meditation dream, because I know that everything is a stillness, I proceed to delve into a non-involved quiet, still demeanor with regard to the outer. I take a couple stabs, first of all, at being free in just a total stillness place, but I can’t stay in the total stillness place. I travel in that, and I can look at myself traveling in that, but I also, then, have to mirror – and so I have to come back into life.

And so what unfolds is I am shown the process in which my energy is a type of healing; it is reflected back into life. And basically it’s released as an example set aside for others to see, so they won’t further infect themselves and others with their bifurcations. It’s a mirroring. It’s a letting go that mirrors. In other words, it’s a letting go that’s into a stillness, that can still, then, somehow something is going on, and what is going on, and how you’re conducting yourself, mirrors.

If the step of letting go is in name only, more as a gesture than a truth, in other words you’re projecting the gesture, and you’re caught up in the gesture, instead of seeing a truth behind, that is the stillness, that you embody, an infection continues vibrationally.

In this dream, what’s happening is, I’ve gone to a garbage dump. This is a dump in which you take your refuse of things, whatever the refuse might be, that are to be let go of. And you don’t discard them in the usual way, where it’s like you blank them out or something, because that can be repressed, or subjugated, into your nature. What you do is you lay it out there, you just lay it out there.

Now, when it’s just laid out there at the garbage dump, some of it, then, is looked at and realized, you know, this can be used, yet, it can be fed back into life in a certain way – as an action or a conduct. Other aspects of it can be flattened out and whatnot.

And, when you come into a garbage dump, everything that exists that you’re bringing forth, it’s garbage, and so it’s going to stink. So when you arrive at a garbage dump, you don’t just throw it out there, hold your nose and throw it out there, because you’re still not necessarily getting it. Instead, when you go to a garbage dump, it’s like there’s the attendant, or the scribe, if it was the Ibn Araby way of describing it in Kingdom of Man, and he helps in the letting go. He sees what can be handed out to others yet. And what can be flattened out and left there.

And I thought I had more garbage than I had, but most of it could be applied in this way or that way yet. And so he then asked me, “Have I ever been bitten before?” which is his way of saying, do I come thinking I’m letting go, but not really – like people make the new year’s resolutions and then they get all caught up in it again.

By that he means, have I truly released what I’m holding on to, or is this yet another way that I am still infected? Just like a person can make a donation, for example, but maybe they cringe, but they did the donation for conceptual purposes. And they’re still infected, it’s not a true letting go donation.

So I say I have, as I acknowledge that I am aware. The attendant is suggesting that I may be still holding on in some bifurcated way, something that will further set me back from the letting go to the stillness. This is what traveling in God is like.

So the meaning is, in this dream I am shown that an aspect of stillness is where there is a visible letting go that makes itself known for me, and others, to see. This is a step that is not only letting go to a stillness, but others and myself as a mirror to what remains outstanding. The teaching is that to be truly free, the soul must dis-involve outwardly, in order to radiate into the environment the stillness embedded therein.

This occurs when the traveling in God involves reflecting the letting go, both in the way I carry myself energetically, but also in the embedded stillness that I touch. So, in this dream, the issue of various subrogations came up in order for me to see that this is not a deeper means, but is a departure from what we are meant to honor.

When such waywardness still prevails, there is a reinfection that blinds. So, what this means for me, directly speaking, is I need to be careful what steps I take that sound good, but also may be weighing me down energetically in a way that hurts the environment, or hurts an unfoldment towards a recognition of a stillness. And, for each person, it can be different.

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