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1_VAIt’s a fascinating consideration: Assuming a higher power, is everything we see just as it is meant to be? We would say, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that the universe is in a process, so wherever it is in that process can’t be wrong. No, in the sense that the universe isn’t perfect, and isn’t finished, so there is room for improvement. So refinement is a natural part of the process, and humans play a critical role in that, but it’s a role we don’t take on in our lives. Either way, to improve something, to be kinder, to help another, to find a solution that helps without causing hurt to others, these are all ways we can be in service, without thinking we are smarter than what is naturally unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, my meditation dream, I find myself taking on an energetic, that is in the outer, and I’m unable to make it right. I’m unable to make it right because I’m affected by the projections, by this projection that is there, in its prevalence. The projection has gone into my being and more or less possessed it, or infected it.

No matter what I do, I am unable to be free of its effect. As a result, I’m unable to take in what is occurring, in the outer, in a way that is transformatively productive. The stigma I am unable to shake, that has touched my heart in an infectious way, has me taking in the outer and running it through the same, bifurcated, prism stigma.

I know that this is not how life is. But when the heart is not able to mirror the freedom of an emptiness within, there is no stillness quickened in the outer; it is as if everything that is occurring, and unfolding, embodies this lie. In other words, that’s what you see all around you. If you’re in a particular mannerism, the outer is a mannerism. That’s how we co-create; you co-create something that’s completely bizarre.

Now when I am stigma-fied within, like this, all of my choices are compromised, such that whatever I choose is not true because this other is involved as an infective poisoning. The image of this was there were four things, and one thing infected me. And then the other three things, why should they be infected?

Yet, however I looked at them, they couldn’t be made right. And it couldn’t be made right because there was a part of my heart that wasn’t right because it had been infected and, as a consequence, everything that I looked at was not what it was. It was something bizarre, and peculiar, and unacceptable. And that’s kind of how you affect things. There is no trueness to reach when the stigma predominates.

I don’t get free of the infection of the creative heart until a sweeping transformation is able to occur. When I am healed, in other words, now I’m talking about all of a sudden I let go of it, I don’t know what happened, but I kind of went somewhere deeper, and just let go of it. And when I would become healed, I am then able to say, “Where is my piece of the pie of manifestation?”And I can be served a piece, from which there is the inner vibratory stillness present therein. Otherwise, whatever I take is weird, strange.

And the significance is, when the heart is afflicted there is no truth; the stigma affects what is unfolding in the outer, and perpetuates this as a delusionality. The delusionality is in everything, then, that you come across – because that’s what you’re invoking. In other words, in the final aspect of the dream, a couple of pieces of pie, or choices, are there in life, to be taken in from an inner stillness way of being.

Why is this important? What’s important is the heart being able to be at a place of stillness within itself. And when it’s not, and it’s vibed into something, it then carries that as an affliction and projects that all around itself. And that can tear things up, it can tear your sanity up, it could cause all kinds of catastrophes to hit in the outer world. You’re meant to be able to be removed, removed from the standpoint that you aren’t caught up in all these bifurcations that are delusional.

So I’m being shown, and what is being pointed out by way of examples, is that we create our world, so if the heart is off, or infected by a negative vibration, so is everything that happens around us.

So in the dream there’s this image of first steam, first steam means when something gets started for the first time. In other words, it builds and builds and builds and builds, and then when first steam hits that’s when a transformation takes place, and what has been sitting pent up, waiting to happen, is now ready to come out.

So, in the dream, first steam is a vibration coming into the outer and transforming it. I stop at a point because the change that is possible isn’t meant to go beyond a particular degree. So this is a shock, See, even though we have a way of affecting things, through the mirroring, there is a limit to this. Who would have guessed that there’s a limit, I mean, in our righteousness, we don’t see this.

At this time, it is important that there is just the mirroring, leaving the freedom of choice to accept the mirroring, or to remain as a projection; you let that be.

So the deeper point is, manifestation is as designed, and we are only a co-creator, we can affect what we are allowed to affect, which means up to a point, as the bifurcations are not meant to be completely absolved because the predominant will of the Creator is for there to be a manifestation.

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