The Accumulator

216947-fullIt is part of our culture and society that we have been trained to believe that fulfillment lies somewhere outside of us. So everywhere we look are the trappings of something new we need to have to make us happy. But what if our urge for such external fulfillment is just our way of compensating for the fundamental truth: we are all searching for the “more” of life, but it can only be satisfied through our inner development and spiritual connections? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this next dream, I now talk about a type of bifurcation that I do myself, that I go round and round in, that keeps me out of a certain kind of stillness.

So, in this dream, of course, I do it by way of an example, in this dream, I overhear two travelers talking. They’re staying in the same place as myself, it’s like even in the same room; two guys. And one says to the other, “Let’s go back for more.”

And the other says, “What about what we have?” And the first guy says, “It will be okay where it was left.”

And so I’m in this room, and this gets me curious, what in the heck are they talking about? What have they got going on here? So, when they leave, I decide to follow after them. And, in the stairwell, I notice a bunch of things they have shoplifted; they’ve accumulated. Most of the items are mechanical and are things one doesn’t really need. You know, they may help a feature here, and help a feature there, but they’re not that big of a deal, you can easily deal without them. They’re over the top.

The one thing that stands out is a miniature toilet. Now, what’s this miniature toilet all about? And, in my dream, I actually had a sense of how that was different, and unique, and signified something. Well, toilet is an aspect of the transformative and removal of things.

So, I contemplate turning them in. But, in the dream, decide to not go out of the way and make an effort to disturb, because what they’re doing will catch up with them in due time. Who am I to be the one that decides how to police things?

So the meaning is, the theme of the dream has to do with the nature of where we hold on to a nuance, or mannerism, which causes our unfoldment in manifestation to be on a tangent. In other words, this is an aspect, now, that comes down from what had been a type of poisoning, or infection.

And so, to truly let go of nuances is to mirror a deeper inner beingness that is clear, free and still. These guys are availing themselves from this with their personal waywardness. I don’t do anything because, in the meditation dream, I realized my role as a co-creator is to mirror the deep inner potentiality of a letting-go stillness – and not to try and change manifestation.

If manifestation weren’t here for a purpose, and was meant to be different, the will of God would have brought this about long ago. Who am I to disturb anything? What happens as veils, and veiling, in the outer, is a process that goes beyond righteousness.

So, as an aside to the theme and nature of the dreaming, I went over again and again the vibrations in my sleep that self-impose and cause the world around me to be re-oriented according to the nuances. This is a fascinating idea I didn’t realize has so much potency.

In the sleep dream above, what I did was delve into an aspect of waywardness that I am carrying. This is an accumulator trait that I am stroking myself with. The meditation dream has already portrayed how this causes my co-creator nature to be bifurcated from its stillness. And that this is being allowed to see where it goes, in terms of how I work this out. Very interesting.

So, the scenario is, I am considering how I need to take a responsibility over things around me that I have brought into my frame of reference, and can do so based upon a type of letting go of my wayward bifurcation – that I don’t necessarily absolutely need – and let go of it in a productive capacity that opens up the inner stillness of the higher self. See, that’s the deeper theme of it all.

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