The Right Focus

im0223One of the truths that always is a part of a development journey is: know thyself. Each of us has some good traits, and some less-good traits, but to be conscious is to know when to let go of even the good traits because that will allow something else to happen, something new to open up. To say the words, “that’s the way I am,” in resignation, is to speak a language that higher development can’t translate. It’s not about what we are, it’s about what we are trying to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then I had this sleep dream, and in the sleep dream it’s like I see myself in the sleep dream, not necessarily knowing in what conjunction I’m saying this, but I’m saying that: I will never give up. And this has to do with something that is going on, but, again, I can’t quite put my finger on.

But the image I suddenly see after having made this statement, off to somewhere in a side manner, is that I’ve walked over and around a bush and can sit down next to it. And this bush is showing the first symptoms of green shoots that will be new leaves before long, and I realize that this bush should be watered to further its development.

As for the “never give up,” this statement applied to a non-energetic in life. In other words, it’s something that can grab your attention as a waywardness, or as a nuance, that has, from the perspective of the depth of what a stillness is about, you can come to know it as being insipid by comparison. In other words, you just go backwards and forwards.

This is an advancement of the prior meditation dream, that, at some point in time, you recognize the importance of the two points of stillness: that you can’t make something happen in manifestation because that is a denseness that becomes stifling, nor can you sit with wonderful ideas, and thoughts, or vibrations, that they too are askew, and that you have to go back to the quality of the in-breath to the out-breath stillness. So stillness upon stillness, meaning the end result being one and the same.

And so you could say that this is a quality that has merit, in terms of its demeanor, and that it needs to be in a focus, a proper focus, that’s just to the stillness in order to really take off. If caught in an aberration, it can go nowhere. And instead what it will do, like what was going on in your dream, is you will yo-yo back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, in some sort of delusional bewilderment demeanor that veils; that stands as kind of a veil to the stillness.

But what’s interesting is your veil to the stillness, you keep going back, and you keep bouncing back and forth, and back and forth, because there is the echo of that that doesn’t go away. For some people, they can make it almost go away.

So the significance, too, is because the theme of the dreaming has to do with abiding in a stillness, this dream here relates to a wonderful trait that is apt to get in the way. In other words,  where you never give up, or you can never give up into something that you hold on to, too. And that will be a getting in the way because it will be in-vibing a process that you embody, that is in the way of the stillness.

And so that then takes on its aliveness, kind of like what you were doing over, and over, and over, and over again. But such an in-vibing is always on some part of the breath, as a holding-out trait that isn’t free.

So, in this dream, there is a subtle echo I am not able to yet live, that echoes almost unnoticed, in other words, the trait that can’t be lived is never giving up; the flip side of that being a kind of bifurcation in terms of trying to support something, or maintain something, or guide something or whatever that is, that really is in another quality of itself – it doesn’t notice – which means it’s easily lost and really lost. And it is that, when I say I’ll never give up on, can cause me to go into a delusionality, as opposed to the never giving up meaning that it’s in the abiding in, or in the traveling in, the stillness. One is able to come and go with this kind of unspoken connection and is free of the rising-up, and coming-down, quality of a journeying yet.

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