The Exception

1-01The universe has been set up to proceed according to the unfolding of fundamental laws. Yet, sometimes, things get so bad that there needs to be an intervention, and that’s when we are sent a savior to put us back on track. There have been many sent here in the thousands of years, yet we still don’t really get the message or stay on point. It shows us how important we really are to Creation that it keeps trying, and it shows us how wayward we are that we still don’t get it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)


John: In the meditation dream, I’m looking at a condition in the world that is, energetically, in a state that cannot be corrected. This is the understanding, based upon what I know at this time, from an access that I have in terms of being able to look at things, go in to things, take everything into myself. I can access a stillness and, in doing so, confirm that there is nothing that can be done.

In other words, it’s in a stillness that you can tell whether it is a stillness in the environment around you that can be reached. And I confirm this by going over the process, as I’ve come to understand the awakening process, and, in doing so, confirm the truth.

Now, by going over it it means that I look at this, and I look at that, and I look at this. I even isolate it down to the combinations that are potentialities. When you isolate something down to stuff like that, you got to be very careful because that can easily be a conceptualization towards the truth. In spite of the criteria before me, I know that this isn’t hopeless. What is required is an access to a type of pleading within that is accepted by the will of God.

Now, in order to plead to something more, in order to denote that there has to be something more, you have to have exhausted all of the possibilities, in terms of your nature; if you haven’t done that then you’re still going to trying to effectuate some sort of change. And that, then, is going to continue to perpetuate the problem. It’s going to continue to maintain the manifestation.

When you have exhausted all of that, then, and only then, can you get rid of the waywardness of kind of your co-creator quality that is wayward, that is done just with the breath, and can access something that arises and is in the stillness – which is the will of God.

Now, ordinarily, this realization would be a cause of concern. This is when I see that an exception can be made. It’s a little bit like a one-time occurrence because if the exception is made in a complete enough way, it never has to be made again. And so there are degrees in which the exception can be done. The exception could be done to where something is shifted a little bit, and then it goes on and continues as a quality of manifestation. Or the exception can be a complete obliteration of things – if that’s what it takes.

Now the reason why this whole issue is dealt with, generally things are dealt with in terms of just being towards the stillness, instead of in it. There is kind of like a design, in terms of manifestation, in preserving the manifestation, and too great of an exception could obliterate manifestation. And so generally what’s happening, as a human being accesses the stillness, they can come to a point where within that they can have a greater consequential understanding of what is unfolding in life, and can see how it is that life has gone astray.

And if it reaches a point where it can’t be fixed, then the exception can be made. And what that will be is hard to know. Because it’s a type of determination that comes from the greater will of God, who doesn’t ordinarily interfere in manifestation, and it works with the human being to impart what is needed to touch anew, which is usually with the stillness. However, where we are at today, I am able to isolate the possibilities that exist, given what is at hand, and in rendering up this as an insight that reaches to the deeper need invoke a sort of pleading for a one-time energetic to shift, or impact, the unfoldment process.

In other words, everything can be that broken, but in order to determine if it’s that broken, in order to determine if there’s any way of fixing it, you have to go deep inside to the stillness, and it’s as if there’s a different level of stillness that can work with the ushering forth of something that brings in a will. But, in going into the levels, or qualities, of a traveling in God stillness, you come up with the possibilities. And if the possibilities can be sold as not something that can work, then this something more can be done, but not until then.

So what I find to be interesting is that when the exception is made, along with it is the understanding that I’m not to expect this sort of thing as an aspect of the journey. Because when you’re journeying, you’re journeying on the breath. And, as an aspect of journeying, there is going to be something that has a built-in this, and a built-in that. But what’s interesting is when you incorporate the concept of everything that’s on the breath, it all is subject to a type of decay. So you have to get to a certain depth before something like this can shift; you have to get right into the decay. It’s not like it only goes so far, and then it’s left with a decay.

And, when it gets to that point, that’s when something is thrown out. That’s when, like, a teacher throws the student out, is the example there. But in terms of what affects the overall, that’s when something is thrown out, or affected by a connection that can take and deal with the degree to which the decay, that can’t be removed, that is always there as part of manifestation, so it can deal with that by shifting it. Every decay point has a deeper and deeper depth about it, and so it gets shifted. It can be obliterated, too, but if it is, then when you form manifestation again, you still haven’t dealt with that aspect of decay. So it’s better to just shift it.

And therefore you still have a quality of a journey, and you still have a quality of a manifestation. But the understanding of the true axis is found in terms of what this is going on in the breath, yet, of the stillness – not in the breath, per se. So it is, in a very deep down way, from the stillness that is only invoke-able when man has probed within the stillness to the point where it’s able to touch everything. And, in doing so, can portray all of the options that exist.

In this stillness, I accept this as being as good as it gets. In other words, so does everything, at this point, so does the seeing and the hearing that we access accept that, too.  And we have basically an access to the will of God, and then when it reaches us, the will of God what it sees that, again, some aspect of a quality of decay has finally gotten to the point, because there’s always that in the world in order to maintain manifestation, it’s gotten to the point that grasping the entire picture, and its essence, will require an exception, where something has to now be affected by the Divine Will. What I’m talking about is a rare occurrence. Usually, through man, there is just the stillness, that’s a mirroring process, that tweaks what needs to be done by the mirroring, without having to contend with the parameters of manifestation, per se, or creation, per se.

I guess you could say that this is what, when you take and you actually get to a point where you have caught up with everything except for that darkness, or that little step. That little step, to take that last little step requires something like a miracle, because otherwise manifestation has to remain as manifestation. This is done in terms of the deeper need that accesses a grace that occurs, that is part of the letting go to a stillness of stillness.

A stillness of stillness is when all is known, and nothingness is a certainty. Yet manifestation is an aspect that is meant to be perpetual.

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