The Angelic Side

2b87ilThere is a long history of stories of angels, but what could they possibly be – in a world of energy and matter? One way to think about them is to understand that the universe doesn’t tell humans, or other living things, what to do exactly, but has built a universe that encourages everything to fulfill its design potential. So, the angelic realms, including high angels as well as local fairies and other forms, all coexist with living things to help them in their needs. Of course that doesn’t mean they solve our problems, but they give a life in need the intelligence to grow and solve the need themselves. If we haven’t experienced the guidance of the unseen in our lives, it could be because our needs don’t resonate with our greater design purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m staying at a lodge where the facilities are shared by the group. Water is in short supply, so a focus is needed in terms of its usage. In this place, I don’t have the need to keep up with all of the news; most of what goes on is redundant, or unimportant, anyway.

So it’s kind of like I’m sharing this area with a whole bunch of other people, and yet, at the same time, we’re not involved in the average day-to-day of things in the outer. So I’ve gone into a bathroom, I haven’t locked the door, and into the bathroom comes an attorney friend I have known since high school.

He tells me that Wednesday, at midnight, East Coast time, the President gave a State of the Union address. I’m trying to determine if there was anything said I need to know. Len doesn’t know, other than saying that what he got out of it himself was: there is a cost to facts.

The meaning is that, in keeping with the theme of the dreaming, which has to do with totally letting go of nuances and residing in a stillness, when I count out in a, so to speak, free-flow way to take into account the reflective in the big picture outer, that is when whatever it is that you touch, whatever it is that you look at, whatever it is that’s going on, that’s when you come to know that there is a cost to those facts, because that’s located in some aspect back in the will.

By that I mean, there are departures or derivations that occur, in subtle ways, that I have to take into account as part of a deeper inner connection. I mean, that’s what one thinks they have to do, that doesn’t mean you have to do it. When you do so, you’re not dwelling upon the facts as the truth, but are recognizing, or getting caught in, and hopefully you can recognize the catalytic that is behind that, that touches, then, a need of a greater overall awareness.

I mean, it’s when we keep touching the need, and going through that, and accessing something somewhere as an answer to that, that we travel in God, as opposed to sitting in a bewilderment.

So I access that from within, and from the stillness, where in-breath turns to out-breath, and don’t just usher it into life in a Jinn way, but realize that as I come down into life, I also have to take into account the in-breath, so I kind of step back to touch it with an angelic intonation. It’s kind of a step-back mannerism. And the step back is there in order that what comes through is not merely something anew, but also is there so that it heals from what had been a scattered and shattered scenario.

In other words, what you see in life is you see people not able to go up and down simultaneously. And, if they can, they can totally let go. What happens is people come down in ideas, like you see all the notions of things and the understanding of things heightened, it’s very, very Jinn oriented. They know how to be with that, not necessarily with the angelic.

And to come out of the stillness properly, you have to come out in both directions. You have to come out with both the angelic and the Jinn. So it’s kind of like a step back to where you take in the angelic and the Jinn.

So I’m not saying that this necessarily works because I’m not sure – it’s what kind of what was portrayed in the dream – that ordinarily, when I’m looking at this as a process of awakening and unfolding, I’m inclined to look at the breath as flowing in a particular way: coming down and then going up. But when you look at it as a coming down, then you tend to look at it as only coming down as an out-breath, as opposed to having a retracement into the in-breath, or the recognition of the angelic side of oneself.

If you don’t recognize that, as well as when you come down with the out-breath, you don’t understand what shattering and trauma are, you just act willful. But, this way, you can act compassionately, in terms of every expression that you make, which is then an adhering to the echoing more dearly. Now that is from the stillness of the in-breath. So that’s what this is kind of imparting.

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