The Whole Breath

wo0Each year we have a cycle of four seasons. It may not happen everywhere, but the planet itself goes through a cycle of spring, summer, fall, and winter. And though we may want to live in the perfect Caribbean climate, the system can’t work as a whole without the time of new growth, the time of flourishing, the time of fruition, and the time of recharging for the next cycle. Everything works in a wholeness, and, as such, we can see that the universe has been a materialization into life, and is working its way back into energy. Nothing is an open-ended process, it is all working toward a natural fulfillment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, it points out that when you function like this, what you’re trying to do is stay the course – so that what needs to be revealed gets revealed.

So, in this dream, I am at a place with others I know and realize that there is a talk I need to attend. I’m anxious to do this, and I do not want to miss anything. So it seems I may have even placed a coat on a chair in advance.

So, as I’m going to the place, I run into another person whose response is: he just wants to see what is going on. And I know his attitude and such is that he probably won’t even stay. He’s more interested in it for the prognosis. I act as if we are late.

We go into the front, meaning side, actually, because where it would normally be the side near the front, as opposed to the back where you could then take your seat kind of innocuously, and, when we do, that is when I realize that there is still a long way to go before this place is properly set up for a talk.

I also remember saying to this person, whose approach is he doesn’t want to miss anything, which is the outer repose that one has, in terms of the thought, and coming and looking and all of that, that my answer, or reason for going, is I just want to stay on course, which is the in-breath approach; more of the angelic.

In other words, what I am denoting is where things are at, when there isn’t just the all-abiding stillness. In other words, it can be broken up into, the all-abiding stillness is the overallness, and the breath going back and forth is the microcosm.

And yet, the fullness of the breath is the cycle of creation, of manifestation, and it is supported with the stillness. So, like in the prior dream, the waiting to see what is going on being the out-breath, is a Jinn trait zone, and the difference in time, in other words, because this was all happening at 12 midnight, which is 7pm West Coast, when you go back that way you’re denoting a staying-the-course in-breath, which is the angelic aspect being there as part of any kind of unfoldment that happens in life.

So, the meaning is, it’s easy to see the process as an inner into outer motion, only when the stillness is not all-pervading. When it’s all-pervading, there is just the stillness.

But when it is important to denote a motion, that’s when, I’m being shown, that the in-breath, with its angelic need to heal, or stay the course, is a necessary inclusion, just like the out-breath need to know is part of a coming out.

So, what is going on is, this evening I went back into manifestation and held a balance between in-breath and out-breath to effectuate a shift in society’s consciousness. In doing so, the problem is is you denote things, you pick up things, and they have to be dumped out. And, if they’re dumped errantly, if they’re not absolved in the stillness and you dump them on what you’re trying to grow, or maintain, all of that will have to be picked up. So thus this is big-picturing more of the cycle of things.

So you might say that the dreaming last night incorporated the understanding of stillness, but wasn’t totally dismissive of the breath, because the breath is there, and we are there. And it’s a question of how it is that you’re supposed to contend? In other words, we are inclined, with our identification, to be at a particular point in the breath, either a point on the in-breath, or a point on the out-breath. Or, primarily anyway, there’s a loudness at some point on the breath, and the other part is more subdued, or very faint.

And the point of this dream is that the breath in its totality needs to be taken into account. In other words, there is the stillness between the two points. But then there is the breath, and that all can be taken into account – it doesn’t have to be an obliteration. Otherwise it gets to be like a type of obliteration, in that you’re always pleading, as a need, for an exception, or something. You’re apt to get that if everything is dismissed, if there is no way of being in all parts of yourself.

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