A Reason to Breathe

ggy676sIf we expand our way of thinking about a full breath, breathing in and breathing out, we can see that it has many facets to it. When we are born, we are expressed outwardly into the material world, and when we pass on we are inhaled back into the worlds of energy. Everywhere we look we can see this process. The universe expands and then contracts. When we create an art work, we have put it outside of ourselves, where we can learn something about it, and then we incorporate that knowledge back into our life going forward. We can look at this personally, or at the level of the universal for greater understanding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember a scene in one dream, and it felt like it was repeating a lot. I think we were going to visit Allie’s relatives, or we were going somewhere, but it’s like I was walking alongside and you were in a blocky green car, almost like a square car, like the old Model Ts or something. But it was this dark green color.

There was something in front of it, so it was like the pace was just slow. It’s like, I didn’t know what to do to get it to go faster, because it’s like we couldn’t control the speed at all. And so then I was concerned about when we got there, and when we’d get back. But I recognize that because of what was in front of the car, I couldn’t do anything about the speed. It just seemed like that dream reverbed a lot.

John: In this dream, Allie represented a hiddenness, and the green car represented a journey into the inner worlds. And the bias is that it has to do with speed, rather than depth. That’s the bias.

It’s easy for one to get because the sense is that you have light, and sound, and light is faster. And so you can come to experience this in terms of time as an aspect of speed. And that, then, can lead to going back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth to figure it out, because you’re looking at something that is outside of time. And yet you’re working in trying to understand it, as your ticket into it, with time.

And that you’re only dealing with one component of it. And your component that you’re working in terms of, this element that involves time, is missing space, as well, outside of time and space. So when you’re playing with time, you’re playing with the in-breath, and you’re playing with space, taking something into matter and whatnot, you’re playing with bringing something from space through, you’re doing that with the out-breath.

And you’re reverbing back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth because you’ve never had the experience of recognizing that the breath works this way. A person usually only catches up with the breath from the standpoint that you can have the masculine breath, and the feminine in-breath, and that the breath takes something out of a stillness down. And there can be an exasperation, which is the interval, again, where this in-breath turns to the out-breath. And then you start the revealing of the in-breath going back.

Usually a person only catches up with it up to that degree, and when they catch up with it to that degree, you come to recognize the entire breath as a state of delusionality, as an illusion. As almost a bad trick: that we all breathe, and yet, when you take that breath out there is the stillness – and that is much more real.

But, no, there is a purpose of the breath. And no one understands the purpose of the breath. The breath is important in terms of time and space. Now, they both are put in conjunction with the breath. Actually, I think I might have it reverse: time might be something that comes down into and consecrates itself into life, that brings something in, that’s time. And space is where something, then, goes to the in-breath up.

So, if you’re sitting there trying to figure out how to speed something up, you’re only looking at one component. What I’m trying to understand is that which is meant to be speeded up, that is an aspect of time, whereabout is this in relationship to the breath?

Well, you’ve taken and introduced the breath in a component way. You’ve introduced the breath as an aspect in which this is a step to another use of the breath. The use of the breath, this is a step in between, now, what you just did, you have to come to understand the time and space of breath. And this is important to understand breath in a way that no one understands breath anymore, and that is: breath is the means that makes man a crown of more than just creation, the universe. Because it is through the normal in-breath that is where a person has awoken to things and develops maybe the magic side of their nature, and gets into occultish kinds of qualities and things. Dwells with the angelic side, and tends to leave it at that.

But the true importance of the breath is it’s a traveling into a revealing; it’s an aspect of a revealing. It is in the in-breath that this revealing occurs. And what is being revealed?

Within the depths of a human being is all the wonders of the world. And that’s on the in-breath. The in-breath has it embedded, it’s all embedded. It’s almost like frozen time. Time comes down as the out-breath; it’s frozen time, which means it’s caught in a spaciality that has to rise up on the in-breath. And so, when it rises up and comes out and one can go into it and probe the mysteries of the in-breath, then you come to know things that you didn’t know before. Everything is able to be revealed through the in-breath.

But it remains hidden, it remains unconscious, unless it is brought into time, unless it’s brought through, which is the purpose of the out-breath. That’s the reason for the breath. The way one conducts himself in life, where they’re caught in little subtle ways that are bifurcations, and you get into the masculine and the feminine, and you get into the whole kundalini energy of things and such – that can actually be skipped. If you really come to know what the reason for breathing is, that it is important.

And the way we are doing it, and dealing with it, we are lost. We’re off on a tangent in terms of it. We’re not even getting the bat out of the batter’s box to get into the game, because we’re caught somewhere on some aspect of the breath, and thus are bewildered and delusional. We can be caught in our over sensitivity on the in-breath, we can be caught in our overindulgence on the out-breath, with the thoughts piled upon the thoughts.

And so we never fully catch up with the fact that the breath is the means, and the ticket, for revealing all of the wonders of the universe. No one knows that. They don’t know that because they’re caught in this other instead. How can they possibly take on what they’re meant to take on?

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