A Portal to Everything

futuris9Is it not true that, when we pursue a subject, more and more becomes known to us? And if we were to spend our entire lives on a single subject, isn’t it likely that we would have breakthroughs and insights never known before? So, it is clear that the intelligence of anything and everything is available to us – if we know how to gain access to it. And it’s an energetic thing: our research and pursuit puts us on the frequency of the energies we seek, and, in turn, the energy carries the intelligence that we “suddenly” know. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In a prior dream, many nights ago, I was given a test to see what I could see, or know. I was told that if I don’t know, I can ask. In this dream, I go back into the questions and images that I do not understand – and am taken into this to see and understand. And it’s like an experience of being taken down into something, going down into something, and there’s a whole world that opens up.

So, first of all, I go to a bazaar. When I come to this bazaar, where I faintly remember if I don’t know the answer to something, first of all, I’m on top of the bazaar, I haven’t gone down into it; I’m at the gatekeeper. And I was told that if I don’t know the answer to something, I can ask.

So I’m communicating my concern. And so I’m telling the host, that’s above, that hasn’t yet taken me down into the bazaar, that I’ve been told that if I don’t know I can ask. And so the host attempts to explain, but realizes I have not accessed this part, experientially, inside. I venture some answers on some things, and can catch some of the hints that she gives, but she realizes that I really, really don’t know that I’m a little flip-flop.

So she takes me down into the place where this exists, and where what I need to learn is pointed out. I mention to her that I have never been here before, and didn’t know that this existed. I’m told that the legacy is passed on here, and I just need to take it in. The legacy is ancient, and the science is forgotten.

What I see is like a skit, like from another country, or world, or something. It’s my best explanation of why I’ve never had any idea that something like this exists, and it’s designed to prepare me at various intervals, even. In other words, it’s not like I just look and get it, I have to go through steps there, various intervals, to see if I can figure anything out.

And, as I struggle, the skit continues until I get it. From this bazaar, I realize that all the questions I have, on the test that I took in a prior dream, are revealed here at this place that I have never been to before, including the answers to questions that I intuited as a good guess, but didn’t really know the half of.

Now, the thing that happened was, this was a test that I took inside myself in a previous dream. I never remember taking this test – until I went back into it like this. But I had taken this test and I remembered how bewildered I was at one question, in particular, where I hadn’t the foggiest idea what anything meant, not the foggiest idea. On the others, I sat with them and maybe, in a type of stillness, got a little bit of an answer, but that was about it; but didn’t really know the half of it.

So, the meaning of this dream is, from the stillness – and not the indulgence – that which needs to be made known occurs. So what are we talking about? Indulgence is sticking, is stopping, on some part of the breath, either out-breath or in-breath, that’s the indulgence. You have to let it go, from the stillness, that it all reveals, it’s all embedded.

I simply need to settle back. If I indulge, not knowing the half of what lies within, I get bewildered, lost, and caught up in nuances. From the bazaar experience, taken in silently, comes a revealing of that which is repressed and hidden. My problem is that I am embarrassed by what I don’t know, and this leads to a furthering of the delusionality when I journey with the breath, on my own, with no idea where I’m at. Few can sit in stillness and let every level of our beingness, on all planes of existence in manifestation, to be revealed.

Instead, when this was presented before to me, in a dream, I took wild guesses and couldn’t have been further from the truth that required an inner stillness to reach. I didn’t remember the dream because I was lost.

When I get what I am shown in an inner stillness, I am able to go back and forth with this, in the breath, and, in this way, this ancient hiddenness from the stillness comes into consciousness. This is the reason for the breath: to bring the wonders of the universe into consciousness.

When we get stuck on an aspect of the breath, we fail the Prime Directive test. We don’t even begin to understand what the breath is like. When we are so bewildered we are unable to sort anything out, that is when stillness is required to provide a space to step aside from our indulgences. Slowly we learn to go beyond the reflections of our nuances, and, instead of traveling on a journey, we travel within something – which is the stillness, that we call traveling in God, I guess.

So that is when the real purpose of the breath is revealed. The breath is there so man can live as the Crown of Creation; as the crown every mystery of beingness, from all levels, is revealed. The feminine wonder of the in-breath is like experiencing wonders deep within that we had no idea existed. And the masculine breath is meant to bring such wonders into life.

Hardly anyone, these days, understands this importance, and spends their day journeying back and forth with the breath, in a state of unconscious bewilderment. Only a few discover that the breath is the portal to everything that exists, or has ever existed.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Portal to Everything

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