One Dimension

pc_tia-1The idea of veils between us and reality has been around for a very long time. And, because we can’t see these particular types of veils, we tend to dismiss their existence. Yet we know that if they were literal veils that blocked our senses, we would do everything we could to remove them and gain a clear sense of what is really going on. But it is the veils we create with our focus on the personal, or through our defense mechanisms, that prevent us from accessing a much greater wisdom, and guidance, and enhanced experience of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I start with a scenario that needs stillness. I pick a subject that cannot shift to stillness, and, given outer appearances, the reaching to a letting go is deemed to be nearly impossible. So this is the subject I picked. Well, this is a subject we always pick. We’re indulging in some aspect of the breath, and so the stillness is completely veiled.

So, in the meditation dream, I carry a commitment to find the letting-go stillness. In other words, somehow or another I’m adamant, realizing that whatever it is that I’m bifurcated on as a nuance, I can’t stay there with it.

And, in doing so, know that this is impossible in every outer scenario, meaning breath scenario. So I even identify a “How To” tab on the internet, from within, to use in various uproarious outer situations. In other words, where I can push the button and go to the stillness, because I’m not seeming to do it just as it is, per se.

So I take this theorem, which works as an approach, and offer it into life. What do you think happens when I offer this theorem into life, in terms of how you can just snap into a stillness? Instead of embracing this as a means to go beyond the back and forth-ness of the breath, and reach stillness, a debate, instead, ensues.

The collective consciousness is holding on to veils as a defense mechanism that it feels that it still needs, and is coming up with exceptions to the rule, where it is okay to remain delusional, or in this relatability with the breath.

So what do I do? Do I fight this absurdity? No. I am compelled to reconcile this letting-go stillness in exchange for further duality – the concept being, life needs it.  In other words, you just let it be. You let the delusionality be, in most instances, when it can’t hear it, when it can’t accept it.

So, what’s the teaching? I’m still a bit on the fence on the subject of stillness being all there is, and that there are needs in creation, in which going into the delusionality is valid. In other words, I’m shaking to the sleep dream in which, yes, it’s valid, there is something to the breath, and the breath is to reveal the hidden wonders.

So, when put this way, by the meditation dream, an absurdity becomes apparent. So what gives? What gives is that there is a mirroring of stillness, by an abiding in the presence of the stillness. And this is what affects life, as need be. The concept we have to make a statement of some sort, in the outer, is to not get the significance of the all-pervasive interpenetrate-able condition of stillness in the essence of life. We don’t do it by pretending in the outer. We do it by abiding in the stillness, and reflecting it unremittingly. That is what is meaningful.

So, the deeper meaning is, upon the level of letting go, stillness is a communication into life that is etheric. In other words, how else would you say it? I’m realizing that it’s beyond this modality of what we deal with, because what we’re dealing with here as in the modality is caught on some aspect of breath. And yet the breath is meant to be used, as in the sleep dream, to bring about all the other planes of existence.

So that is the essence of it all; to act as if there is anything more is to torture one’s self with delusionality. The rendering up is the mere vibration only, not in doing anything. In order to get to the point where you can see all of the aspects, or catch up with all of the aspects, of all of these multiplicity of levels of our beingness, we have to get to a stillness. As long as we continue to indulge in some aspect of in-breath and out-breath quality of having to be, then we do not catch up with all of these hidden wonders, all these other dimensions.

To get in the doing does harm to the fabric of our beingness in life, and actualization perpetuates the image of there being a functional dynamic separate from stillness. So, then, what’s the net effect? The net effect is to get to the face before you were born, before you were in manifestation. And that’s what caused this amazing sleep dream.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: One Dimension

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