Twice Removed

unnamedWe have many lives within us, and it’s not always one big happy family. Here is an example of an inner aspect of the dreamer tagging along like a giant brute – who wants to come along and just won’t give up. And, we may think something like this has a strong hold on us – hence the big size – but, actually, it’s our resistance to just letting go that is big, not the thing itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, I’m given a ride by a person who is there to help me out; someone has come to help me out.

And so, what has to be put in the back of the truck, at the time that I get in the front, and the back of his truck, it’s a flatbed, there’s this huge guy who apparently is with me. And so, to begin with, he has to be accommodated.

And so I’m taken to a place where I do something, where I’m meant to do something. And while I’m doing something, the driver, then, being a big guy himself, gets out and throws this other goofball off the back of the flatbed – who won’t go. He just lays there; he has to bounce on him, kick him, and eventually throws him off.

And so somehow or another with that stigma, so to speak, removed, I am free to take a ball and, with ease, use it in a very neat way. But as I’m about to do something even more with the ball, here comes this big, clumsy, brute again, and, looking at him, kind of immobilizes me because he wants the ball – but it’s not his ball to have.

Plus, he can’t move fast; he’s slow and everything. But there’s something about him that puts me in a trance if I’m not careful. And he stands in my way. So if I turn and get out of the trance, he’ll just fall away because, deep down, he has no power over me.

And the meaning is, I’m carrying a stigma that I need to remove. The stigma gets in the way of who I am. Initially, it goes where I go. It holds me back from being who I can really truly, and am meant to, be.

For the longest time, I don’t see it. When I do, it is after I have been extricated, or have reached a point where I’ve hit an exhaustion, actually. But, of course, in the dream, it’s like an image of a person who has come to my rescue, and freed me up to be who I’m able and meant to be.

But once that is done, then I have like a second chance. Which means that when that isn’t around, or that clarity isn’t around, here comes this clumsy, awkward dense, slow brute, attempting to stigmatize me again. This time, I should know better, and know how to evade his stigma.

I’ve caught up with how it is that I am meant to be, which is like the second chance. The way I am to be is not caught in some aspect of breath that takes me away from stillness. The deeper meaning is: from a stillness that isn’t outwardly projected into manifestation, the effect being an inner mirroring, comes a free-flow and intertwinement with what is meant to be.

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