All the Pieces

dow3w22The universe is a big place, stretching out in dimensions that are unimaginable. Yet there is a way to bring the whole of the universe back together – and only one way. And that way is by bringing it inside of us. And we each have to make this journey individually, no one can make it for us. In the stillness of our inner depths, we have the capacity to put everything back together into a state of completeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The early dream, from what I remember, is I seem to be living in a house that I made decorations for, and I wanted to show some friends what I did. But one of the main decorations I made is I would – beside some little things – I would actually get, instead of wallpaper, I would get some kind of fabric, or material, and I would put it on the wall. And I had made little things that held it in place.

Some of these had fallen apart a bit, so that the wallpaper was sagging, so I had gone to a store where they make special wallpaper, and they made special little decorative things that held it in place. And the store lady was upset because, when I came in, it was like the person who could find the decorative things that held it in place was either misplacing them, or they weren’t made right, or she couldn’t find them, and she wanted to show me this.

It was really beautiful fabric, or wallpaper, something kind of unique that you held up – but you had to have the right little decorative things that held it in place. They might be little seashells, or little birds, little orchids or something, and that they hooked into the wall.

And so she herself, when I went back the second or third time, suddenly had gotten really frustrated. So now she was starting to go find them herself to show me, so I could take them home, and when the people came to see other little things I was making – because I wanted them to know they could make them, too – then I could patch up the wallpaper. I think that was the first dream I had.

John: So this dream is kind of providing you a type of answer, almost as if you have a question. Because, in this dream, you’re finding yourself more or less designing something from the inside out.

And what you’re designing, like with the wallpaper, or whatever you put up on the wall, is supposed to stay there but isn’t staying there. And that you’re trying to find a means by which to get it so that it stays in that condition. So you go and try to find something that will do that.

That isn’t how you’re supposed to handle it. What you’re supposed to do, when you’re designing, is you’re supposed to let go of what you’ve done. Because when you’re actually designing something, you’re taking the composite of all of the pieces of every little vibratory effect in the universe, and you’re having to work with that.

And, if you’re paying attention to what you’re doing, you’re going to find that you can’t sort or find yourself in relationship to the millions of pieces. So you have to have an affinity that is in touch with that, through a stillness, and from the stillness you’re capable of, then, designing.

Now the reason why I said this is also a kind of an answer dream is that it’s kind of pooh-poohing, if you can notice it closely. And what your dream is basically saying is that, that aspect of shutting something down, also limits a capacity of expansiveness, in an emptiness, in a stillness, that is important, that you have to reach, or are meant to reach. And you reach it in a stillness, and you design in relationship to the stillness.

And that’s why when you were looking around, you were trying to find a means by which there was a way of taking all of the composites of things that are on walls, or fall off the walls, or however it is, and were finding yourself entertaining different patterns, or schematics, that was like wallpaper, that is meant to have a self-adhesive way of sticking.

For some reason there was an oddity in that, in that you weren’t able to actually find something, or buy into something, that was the end-all, be-all to what you were looking for – in relationship to something that would just stay. And the reason is because that’s an outer energetic quality, where one is trying to do something with a definition that has an orientation that is physical, within time and space. But you’ve been shown that you can go beyond time and space.

So the fact that you can sense and feel yourself beyond time and space, you’ve been affected, or impacted, in that you can no longer subordinate yourself to something dense, like you could before. You could no longer subordinate yourself to that because you know that there is a way of handling everything that comes at you, in some fashion or form, the millions of pieces of things. You’re able, in a greater stillness, take on, however, these millions of pieces, and, in hitting that stillness, you hit the timing that is meant to be with the stillness – and can be in all of that naturally.

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