A Different Approach

im043Through history, we have always heard about religious, or spiritual, “groups.” Yet no matter which path we choose, it is always going to be a personal journey, or a personal religion. And that is because we are all different, and we all have freedom of choice, and the way we express our urge to be connected to something higher will be unique, because the things we wrestle with inside are unique, and the areas we have a driving passion for are unique. That’s the way of it: at some point we need to make any path our own path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had four dreams, but I only remember parts of them.

In the first dream, what I remember about that is that we were going somewhere on a boat. And when I’m joining other people, it feels like that I and either you, or whoever I’m with, when we go to get on the boat, everybody else is already on it, I think, we don’t get on the boat by the ramp in the back like everybody else, we seem to come up alongside the boat and get on it by stepping on the bow, and maybe going in through a window, or a doorway, that’s up at the front.

And I also remember something in that about going to a party, or something, having to have a more formal dress. That’s the dream I remember the least; it was the first one.

John: Well, what this dream is indicating is everyone else has to get on a boat, or unfold in a process in the outer, in a particular way. And it’s not for you to live life, or to proceed in life, in such a way because that kind of goes along with the collective.

And when you go along with the collective, you kind of stay caught up in the collective, and you kind of get swept along by the collective. And, therefore, you don’t have a chance of catching up with who it is that you are.

We have been somehow designed to be a type of person who has an insight, that is just there in terms of a greater responsibility nature of our being. So we actually come in through the window, or come in through the front of the boat, or come down, as opposed to going across, strictly in an outer, overall, collective way.

And when you function like that, and you go into a boat, the part that’s not in your dream that is part of the theme of the dreaming last night, is that that approach, once you have taken that on, come into the boat, you’re now responsible for everything on the boat.

When you go across into the boat along with the collective, you’re just kind of motif-ing along in a delirium. But if you come in through the window, come in from, so to speak, another way, from above, have found another form of access that’s independent from how the collective works, the degree to which you relate to the collective, that you contend with things in the collective, is a responsibility that you have to take on.

That’s what’s different. In other words, a human being, per se, has mannerisms that are generally swallowed up by the collective of things, and so there’s not much that could happen other than them bouncing around. But when you have a freedom from the collective to come into the window, and then whatever it is that you get involved in, in terms of the collective, wherever you place your attention in terms of the collective, you have a responsibility in that area that you have placed your attention – in order to cause something to see itself through.

Which goes along with the statement, that there comes a point in time that you have to be careful what you look at, because your thoughts automatically create. And you have to come into something, and approach something, in a different way in order to make a difference.

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