A Need to Be Free

images-1Most of us have experienced those times when we are feeling down, even depressed, and then something wonderful comes along and we instantly shift to a higher energetic state. There may be many reasons for this, but the idea can show us that sometimes it is the energetics we hold onto that are affecting us, and that, when we let them go, we are free to experience something new. Even the idea of “experience” is to learn by coming in contact with something – but not necessarily taking it into ourselves where it collects as baggage. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m initially affected by a situation that is in need of refinement. The way the dream works is I have a piece of property that has a productive capacity of 24. But the property doesn’t feel right to me because it’s way too big for this productive capacity of 24. I need to refine this down, and still have the productive capacity of 24 – the rest is just too much, it’s kind of over the top.

So, in other words, I seek a more tenable effect. I’m able to reposition into a property that is productive but takes up only about half the space. I’m able to do this by honoring a sense of balance within, that, when I adhere to this, causes an effect that leads to this result. Same result, only I just don’t have all this other malarkey to contend with. I’ve honed it down and tightened it down.

That’s the principle of being able to look at something, and then what you look at you change and effect. It’s not that you look at something and it increases, it’s just that you drop away the things so that how you zoom, or zone, in becomes more and more effective.

So I’m amazed that such a shift was possible because I usually get stuck in a density, in one way or another, in which the weight that exists upon my heart causes me to lose my sense of judgment. But in this particular case, I seem to be in between, caught in what doesn’t quite feel right, knowing that something has to be honed.

Somehow, I know that this time is different, and certain things get dropped, and, as a consequence of them getting dropped, the sky changes. And there are now hundreds of parachutists descending from above that are a sight to behold. I could have never imagined that, in my surprise, that in a condition I had been, that there could be such an event.

So the meaning is, access to what is important in life, and a shift to a greater, heartfelt, aliveness requires finding that access within to what is important – as kind of a masculine sight, or something.  Recognition, a balance in the flow of the alignment. So I access this by watching my inner energetic. Such a balance requires me to recognize when I’m carrying conceptualizations that get caught up into supporting a mindfulness that is draining just the heart and weighing me down energetically.

I notice that when I move away from this burden, I am able to open up. I’m also noticing that, to open up to a more balanced way of being, I need to honor this energetic as being a guided essence that is seeking to permeate into a greater spaciality. Again, something coming through.

So I come to know, honor, and adhere to this as a graciousness I’m able to access when I let go of a rigidity mannerism that I am holding on to. Why do I hold on to rigid mannerisms that strain the heart, when, deep down, I know this to be a blight upon my soul?

I’m able to do so, meaning let go of things, when I honor the greater energetic aliveness, by abiding in it in spite of outer appearances. So when the outer appearances strain me, it is because I am not letting go of repressed synaptic qualities that have gotten housed, somehow or another, in my molecular nature and has a mind of its own that wants to do this, that, or the other, almost maliciously wayward, and has some sort of grip over me.

That’s what the human condition is like, in other words, because we’re in the outer and we’re made to function in this dense way. And we’ve absorbed all of these things and they kind of created a kind of a biofeedback. But my divine nature seeks; my divine nature, or the higher self, seeks the light of one’s greater overallness, seeks to flood my tissue with light.

Until the tissue is able to honor this light and transmute what would normally be heavily weighted habituations I carry as my human conditioning, I keep failing the soul of the world by responding from a pain that rises up. That which rises up, touches the heart, it is part of the heart and needs to be free, needs to be digested, freed, however you’d say it, from human conditions that are bound up in a molecular orientation in outer manifestation.

Freedom from that imprisonment requires a receptiveness to the spirit energy, again, a sight coming through, spirit energy, a liveness of the divine higher self from where an overallness predominates, or brings something through. It is in the energetic overallness that an access exists to a vibratoriness capable of letting go of stigmatic conditions, where something is veiled in the outer.

Until I let go, such stigmatic conditions kill me. They kill me because they’re stabbing the heart. And they’re keeping you stupefied. They kill me because I am not letting go of a repressed weightiness, so I feel a balm upon the heart.

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