Getting Drained

images-7We don’t always realize the exchange of energy that goes on between people. For instance, we may know certain people who are always in need of something, or are very focused on themselves. This can be very draining, because the energetic exchange is one-sided. Sometimes we are the ones who are depleted, so we’ll connect with the person we know who will “brighten” our day. This time, we are draining energy from another because we are running low. It’s common for this exchange to vary, but it’s generally not healthy to constantly find oneself being drained by a recurring situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I remember of my first dream is that I seem to be watching fire burning along a ridge line, but way in the distance, like it looks at night.

And when I woke up from that, then I had a lot of trouble going back to sleep. Then I had a second dream.

John: Fire burning in the distance could be something that’s like pulling, or draining, an energy out of you; a sensation effect in which some part of your world is being discombobulated, or breaking down.

And for you it would be in a sense of the outer, or image in the outer. And such an image, then, would leave you feeling a little awkward, in terms of your sense of self.

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I seem to have come into town, in a car, with a couple other people. One of them’s a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, but she’s traveling with us. And we’re going to go to an event that night.

And first we drive to where the event grounds are. We see there’s parking places there. I think you get this brilliant idea that we should actually stay at a motel right across the street from it, and then we can just walk over and see everything.

But then when we go to drive to the motel, instead of parking the car at the motel, you want to park it on the event grounds, which, I think, it’ll be out there amongst all the people. You won’t have any flexibility with it. So I’m upset at that idea.

I don’t know why you’d want to do that when we can just walk across the street. I’m just annoyed with you because why would we have to do that? Because then the car is just immobilized there, amongst all the crowd, and it’s not really available to us. Not that we may want to drive anywhere, anyway, but it didn’t make any sense to me. So I was arguing with you about that.

John: So, what this image is churning up, or dealing with, is this idea of holding a space, or not. In other words, if you stay back in the motel where everything is kind of balanced, or has a key, a certain key, or a certain presence, as opposed to parking in the midst of the crowd.

When you park in the midst of the crowd, it’s really hard to hold your energy from getting affected by the activity of everything going on around you, getting drained, in other words.

It can be the effect of getting drained because there’s all that commotion around you. But when you hold yourself in a place where there is some safety, or sanctity, and then go across the street and such, you’re able to maintain a sense of balance.

So the dream is kind of telling you a little bit about a way of being that is more conducive to how you’re able to cope and relate. And the reason why it’s a little like that is, you might say, as a theme thought, is the idea of how much company do we dare have? Because that, then, can take and have the effect of undermining a certain balance, and throw us into more of an effect of the environment. This being an environment that you brought in with lots of commotion, as opposed to taking and holding that space, and holding a balance in that space, which is important for maintaining our own sanity.

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