On the Take

recha33So much of our spiritual journey is about consciousness, and there are many descriptions in the books of religion and spirituality that talk about dramatic openings up of consciousness in people. Yes, there is that possibility, but it is also in the moment to moment awareness of what is occurring around us energetically, built one piece at a time: are we drawing energy from others because we are worn out? Or are others coming to us because our energy is high and theirs is low? It’s not always clear cut, and it’s not necessarily good or bad, but it is a state of energetic awareness that adds to our understanding of reality. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I know the dream right before this, I was in an environment that was almost a little alien, like the people look a little alien. And all I remember of that dream it was, at one point, a couple I seem to be rooming with was looking for something that they’d lost.

And after they left the room, and I looked at my cupboard, there was something that had been brought back from India. Then, after that, when I looked at a bureau, and I saw amongst all the things in the bureau what I thought they were searching for, so I went out to tell them. It’s just I wasn’t able to see it at first because there was too much junk on the bureau.

And then what I seem to remember is going through various rooms and feeling like I was at this large building, feeling like I’m being pursued, and I’m trying to look for places where I can get away. That was the dream right after the fire dream. Then I had the dream with the Walmart, and I can tell you a little bit more about that.

John: You’re still, in your way, dealing with something that has affected your usual, typical, way of balance. It’s your way of reporting how this makes it hard for you to pull something out, when something has undermined your energy.

The underlying theme, as to why your energy is undermined, is it’s getting drained by something that has sucked out your normal vibrancy. And, therefore, you have a sense of not being able to find something, or something being broken down, or being pursued, or being harassed, which is a type of weightiness.

And it’s a draining of Chi, and it’s a draining of heart energy. And these are images that come up to show that something is askew. And what we went through, that kind of drains an energy, and drains a heart energy, is our experience around H – he does that. Any course of time around him, he kind of leaves you flat, because he’s always on the take. It’s always about him.

And there is something that’s always missing, and he’s always looking to figure something out, in terms of what he needs, or something like that. And an approach that’s like that, that’s indulgent like that, even though supposedly a good Buddhist should know better, an approach that’s indulgent like that sucks the energy out of an environment.

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