The Heart Leads

images-8When we see the leader of a country enter a room, we notice that a team of protectors arrives in front, and also follows behind, to establish and maintain security. Well, we may not realize it, but we do the same thing: we might choose specific clothes or colors, we might choose a meeting place, we might prepare ourselves before we enter a situation – just any normal situation. And this is because we want a safe ecology for ourselves, too, so we try to minimize the elements that might throw us off our game. This is another aspect of conscious awareness that can help us understand the world we are creating. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the Walmart dream, as I call it, it’s like I know that when we all go to the event grounds, it feels like there’s going to be a contest that someone has to observe. And they maybe want us to take part in it. And they want us to take maybe some of our own food, as well as something else, for it, and I seem to be objecting to that. Just like I object to the parking, because there’s something off about it.

The contest is something that you wear on your feet, and maybe it involves a bandana, too. But you might be set on fire, I mean, it’s just something that they might be doing there, but I don’t think we should be adding to it, I guess. And I just wish, I don’t remember enough of the detail of that.

Oh, I didn’t bring in the Walmart. It feels like we go into a store and my friend starts talking to the clerk and said she’s felt good, when she came into town, ever since she knew where the Walmart was. And I’m kind of almost thinking, oh my god, I never go to Walmart. And the clerk is agreeing with her. Yeah, she always knows where the Walmart is, she knows where she can go to get what she needs, she feels better, too. I’m not feeling better about this, knowing where the Walmart is.

John: It’s an unusual image, in that H’s sense of feeling good, for example, is when he knows where to go to kind of get pacified or balanced; his idea of his needs met. You know, his checklist, his punch list of things to look at, the things to talk about, to find a way of satisfying that.

And it’s his way of, apparently, healing because he still has to function that way. He still has to use that as an approach for healing. And, if he doesn’t, then he carries a greater woundology and a projection, and a greater discombobulation. And he can be fairly pleasant and everything, in terms of as he’s doing that, but it is a very subtle, draining energy.

And so the idea about a Walmart, knowing where it’s at, or not knowing where it’s at, is sorting to an even deeper thread, or a deeper issue. The deeper issue has to do with the will of God, or the will of man.

In other words, it’s always nice to know things in the outer, which is kind of a will a man thing, that supposedly is going to make your life easier. But the will of God works in a different principle, in that it works with the heart. And if it doesn’t quite feel right to have all of this punch list of everything orchestrated, because it takes something away, in other words, it drains something in terms of your recognition of something as a depth inside of yourself – then it’s not good.

And so you have a sense inside of yourself of a will of God, which is a heart quality that gets compromised when it is associated with something that is of a construct that’s more in terms of an outer. So you are just portraying it as something in terms of how one lives in an overall sense.

I have it portrayed, or imaged, or looked at from the standpoint of what it is like to note that the will of God is an aspect of the heart. And that man does not know the will of God, man knows the will of the mind, in terms of what he does. And the deeper seed thought of all of this is it proceeds to: what do you pay attention to?

And so, if you have everything lined up, where you know where the Walmart is at and whatnot, then it’s as if you’re getting things lined up so that that follows; that follows you. I mean, because you have your ducks lined up, everything is situated so everything follows you. And then you hold yourself in a particular position, in relationship to everything that’s lined up.

But the appropriate approach is that you access what is blocked, so you take and move towards that, which means you approach your shadow, instead of trying to pull the shadow behind you. If you’re pulling the shadow behind you, and you’re always straining, it’s because you’re always drained, it’s because you’re always going outside of yourself. You’re always reaching outside of yourself.

The heart leads, not the mind. It’s a very complex way of trying to present it. But it’s kind of presented in the fact that you are just kind of plop, in it, and have a sense. In other words, you dreamt like this because, in your heart, you were basically feeling flat, a little disconsolate, and even could be kind of drained, or sad. And yet, you were solving that, you were healing yourself in this way.

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