In Preparation

blue Starry NightAll around us we see the cycle of living and dying: plants, insects, animals, and humans. Everything mentioned is purely planetary, except for the human, which has a spirit. Everything planetary goes through this cycle to process a certain bandwidth of energy and evolve in its way. Humans, however, have a greater possibility, to live elsewhere after this earthly incarnation. And that is where our spirit comes in, because it is universal. Humans begin on a planet to learn the ways of the universe, and then to graduate into their universal possibility – that’s what religions point to when they speak of immortality, but it’s an immortality of continuing to incarnate elsewhere, in service, not to live, or be, in one place for eternity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember parts of one dream. And, in this dream, it’s like you and I had gone somewhere where people were like sending their kid to prep school and things. And we had a daughter we were going to be sending to prep school.

But I didn’t seem to want to do prep school or any of the other things around us that were being done a certain way. I didn’t seem to want to do them just that way. And the way that was represented, was like I had things lined up. So there was something that represented the daughter here. And I would go somewhere and come back, and do something with the energy, and you were standing there, and there were other things piled there.

You had some concerns about it all, but I seem to be telling you that, yeah, we’re still going to do the prep school, but I’m doing the energy differently. I couldn’t do the energy the way the other people were doing it. So it’s like I would come and go because I was doing something with the energy. That’s all I remembered of the dreams last night.

John: Well, that’s okay, because the theme of the dream is something that came through, so I understand what you’re doing. And what you’re doing is, even though I have my druthers about all this, you’re doing the prep school because, as the word goes, that’s important – it’s something that’s done in life, a part of you has to come into life. And it’s a prep school. It’s a place that has to occur, or unfold, as an aspect of preparing, or being better prepared, for what is to come later.

And so the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with looking at consciousness on the inner, and then looking at how things are in the outer. Do you take and deal with something in the outer, when you come to recognize that there is a consciousness on the inner that you can tune in on, that you can zoom in on?

And, this consciousness on the inner, what it appears like is that in the outer that appears to be a waywardness from this consciousness on the inner that can seem aloof to it. And so I would have my druthers about that, but, in your particular case, you have to evaluate: okay, your daughter is being sent to a prep school, or our daughter, or whatever it is. The prep school is us, or you, going into life to have to contend with things, as important as a preparation for something, somewhere else – on another loci, maybe, would be the way to say it.

Because here, this is what you have to contend with. If you put yourself on this other loci, that doesn’t work, things fall apart in this area. And I figured out why that was: it’s a greater understanding of the Yin and Yang principle. In other words, the greater the consciousness in the world, the greater the darkness. And the reason why there’s a greater darkness is just as consciousness evolves on one channel, it starts to withdraw its attention in terms of the density of things that are here in existence.

You have to put your attention upon the density of things in existence, because your cellular makeup is in the density of things, as well. And if you take and you augment yourself so that you pull away from the density of things in this world, then an imbalance exists and that the cellular structure dynamic, so to speak, or energetic dynamic, goes off on a tangent, goes off on a greater extreme.

So as consciousness evolves, as something changes and shifts, in terms of a greater inner awareness, there is the greater darkness in the outer, there is that which becomes more askew. And when you see this from the consciousness of the inner, you just shake your head, because you know better, so to speak. But what you fail to realize is that you have a responsibility, or involvement, in everything that exists. And that by removing your consciousness, by removing your attention, from the outer, which means removing yourself from the outer, the density of things grows.

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