Into the Density

3hildeLike is attracted to like in this world, and that is because frequencies are drawn to the ecologies that resonate with them. And that is why the human design is so important: it can invite higher frequencies into itself, into its aura, frequencies that wouldn’t otherwise be able to arrive here except for the safety that a human life can provide. And, in this process, higher energies are released into life for the benefit of all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, a fingerprint has to be lifted by a detective to see what the nature of this imbalance is. And when the detective lifts the fingerprint, he’s lifting the fingerprint in a locked closet area that no one has access to but me. And this fingerprint is supposedly the fingerprint, or handprint, of the culprit that did this.

Now, I know that no one has access to this closed closet but me. So that means that what was done, that is considered a haywire-ism in the outer, that when you get right down to the bottom of it, I’m guilty of it. Which means that by having taken my consciousness out of the loop of things, I have facilitated the greater darkness.

That’s why in the greater darkness, there’s greater light, so to speak, that’s why and how that correlation works. And in terms of the need, or what is required, you don’t have people going into kind of a Rapture scene or something, as Christians would tend to think, where the good are removed and then the rest are left. No, what you have is a quality that comes down, and touches, and gets into life.

Some examples of the touching in life are like, for example, the best image is the Yin Yang principle, in which, in this loci, you’re to become aware of the other areas, or the locis, that you’re responsible for catching up with because you will be in those locis when you leave the physical, but you’re not allowed to leave the physical to which you are molecularly aligned, you’re not allowed to leave that physical to just go down the tubes – you’re responsible for that while you’re in this loci.

And there’s a reason, as part of the prep school, as your dream is indicating. It’s a preparation for a greater continuity, in terms of your beingness, when you no longer have the physical orientation. And it’s in the physical orientation that everything is going on. In other words, this is how, it is said, you get closer to God, or you get closer to that essence. You don’t get closer to it by abandoning ship; you get closer to it by recognizing that this is the marching orders, or the will, of something that is meant to happen – and that’s why you’re in this loci.

And so when you recognize and realize a certain consciousness inside of yourself, you have to take it into life. You have to come back down, so to speak, you don’t just go somewhere. Thus you can see why it is that you could have an attention like that, when from a standpoint of consciousness, in terms of light, one could easily make the argument that that’s just a complete total absolute waste of time. It is a complete total absolute waste of time, but you have to be able to do this, you have to come into life. And you have to bring this other into a molecular recognition in life. You don’t go pulling it out. You have to take on what is involved in this loci.

And it doesn’t mean that you have to take and try to do this, and that, and the other as a better noodling – you have to figure out how to make that connection. And what ends up happening is the degree to which you are becoming more subtly removed, is the degree on the flip side, the shadow side of a greater outer, that things are becoming even more dense. And so you don’t tweak around, you have to be into that greater density to the same degree that you’re into the greatest satility, but you have to be into the greater density by somehow another getting the inflection of that consciousness to come into this greater density, to be touching that greater density.

If you do not, then what is there to cause it to catch up with the image of what is at a deeper depth, when the deeper depth has abandoned ship? So, that’s the prep school. That’s your prep school, you’re exercising, so to speak, yourself in this far, far, far, extreme loci, because everything that happens here happens in all of the locis, it’s just that in this particular way it is done in a condensed format, and the more you go into the other locis inside of yourself with a kind of consciousness, the more you remove yourself from what is going on as a shadow dynamic, in the outerness that is you. You’re guilty, your fingerprints are all over everything that happens.

And so as I take and become more conscious, I could take and say that the other has to catch up, or follow, or something. But, no, what is going on in the outer, that you see around you, you have to let that set the pace, have your consciousness apply towards that. And what we’ve come to learn from previous dreams is wherever you put your attention, even if it’s in a kind of wayward hopeless area, it becomes something that, on a molecular cellular level, that you’re committed to having to contend with.

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