In the Molecular

5e6s8If we imagine ourselves standing in a pool of water, motionless, with the water absolutely still, we know that any motion whatsoever will create dramatic effects in every direction and on every level of the water. And these effects would take quite a while to settle back to a stillness. So it is with our journey through the energetics of everything around us. Now add the ripple effect of everything else moving nearby, and we can see all the interactions we are dealing with. In this way, we can get a sense of the importance of what we set in motion – and the responsibility of that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, what I saw over and over again were these really bizarre, four or five extremely dense things that were noodling me as issues in the outer. And when I looked at them, I knew straight away that they had absolutely nothing to do with me. They were so stupid, so benign, and whatever conclusions that they reached were not of any interest whatsoever – is how I was telling myself – and yet I couldn’t shake these.

It’s like being worried, or carrying some sort of anxiety or quality, which one tends to do when you’re overwhelmed by the outer. In this particular case, it was like being able to sit in an inner space of myself, look at the outer, and say, oh, those four or five things are just ludicrous. imbecilic, and whatever result they get, I could care less.

And so what I’m discovering is that, in the meditation dream, I am influenced by what occurs in the outer. And, as a result, I am actually really placing my attention to that, even though I pretend like I’m not. Or I’m holding myself in some sort of removed capacity, as if I have this inner sense of things. But what’s really going on is this inner sense of things, the holding on to that, is putting me out of touch with the timing. A timing that has to do with innerness that has a greater speed, and the density is slower, so I’m out of touch with touching things on the molecular back in the physical – and thus I’m compromised, in terms of the effect of the knowingness I have in terms of it being able to come through.

And so, as I settle back, as I lay back, kind of confounded as to what to make out of this, just these four or five dense things that have nothing to do with me, and they all come up to a kind of epiphany with an equal sign, and I could care less.

So as I fall back into a trance, in relationship to that being the dynamic thing, not the clarity of what I wrote, while in the stupor, so to speak, I am told that the biggest problem is that I am dawdling. Just like you have your prep school, I have my dawdlings. Prep school means you’re in life, that’s the feminine, and so it’s preparatory to something, that’s why the feminine takes over the responsibility of matter.

While the masculine has the ideation of things and has to bring that into, can’t be sitting with that, it will not find itself in the yonder and hilt. And, if it sits there, you know, dismissive of this, that, or the other that it can see and rationalize – it’s dawdling. What that means is I am not putting the inner into the outer.

So, in the meditation dream, I have a sense of what is to happen, based upon how I perceived the inner unfoldment process to be. In the outer I am told that the unfoldment timetable is off. So, I’ve got this wibble wobble, I’m at a wrong warpage. Yes, you have to maybe get out of the density of things where you’re noodling around and speed up, but, as you speed up, you then lose a sequential orientation to things in the outer that noodle and bother you because they are in an awkward state. And yet that awkward state is important, you to have to bring this back down into the molecular, and touch the molecular of things, that’s dense.

Because you’re in this loci for a reason. It’s the prep school. And also the significance is: as an inner into outer scenario, this dream is highlighting the problem in which I am not able to bring an inner awareness directly into the outer. So, as a result, from an outer way of being, I am out of touch, I am dawdling, meaning I’m not able to reconcile what I perceive in the outer with an inner. As a result, the outer is on a tangent from a clarity; a tangent is the flip side of the inner clarity, which means it’s like the shadow from it.

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