Carrying a Quality

5rfoadWe all have experienced lighting up a room when we are in a good mood, or bringing everyone down when we are in a bad mood. That’s life, we’re human. But the energetic state we are in does have an effect on our surroundings, including other people and other living things, depending on the energetic potency of what we are going through. Still, it’s important to realize that we can also be in control of what we radiate, through our intentions and choices, and thereby offer something finer into the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s interesting to have to be confronted with something like this because you could say that, when we were down here before, we had our own little world that we could hide in.

And that world was so intriguing, to those that were properly paying attention, that they were able to be touched by that. And they were able to appreciate that. It was something sweet and nice about that, it kind of had a tendency to break up certain ruffled-ness that existed, without challenging it, or causing it to have to take itself too seriously.

In other words, this is a kind of psychology, of the universe, in which when something gets exposed can it accept what it has to see, and how it has to be? Can it accept that? It is so used to getting its way, by working behind the scenes of things, and thinking that it has pulled off whatever it needs to pull off, in its opinion, in its separateness.

And the mannerism and the nuance that we’re in is in breaking the bubble. Now, when we came down here, what we have found is that everything has gotten into a kind of rigidity, or stifling-ness again. In other words, certain mannerisms have gotten hold. It’s an aspect of the density of things; there is an aspect that’s even worse than before, that’s slightly worse than before. It’s almost as if a certain freedom has gotten lost in terms of the atmosphere, or the ethers.

There is a vibrational infringement that requires a going deeper into a kind of stillness that has to now re-permeate, and spread itself out, to grow and effuse itself out. And this works invisibly. This doesn’t work in terms of the black-and-white objectivity of things that are here. It works in terms of something being able to go through the black-and-white objectivity of the things that are here that couldn’t go through before. And it is kind of our responsibility to help facilitate that as the modality that needs to diffuse. Until we are able to do that, the atmosphere here is going to be stifling in some regard or another.

So the theme of the dreaming is about density and subtleness. And the theme of the dreaming is about aspects of inner coming into outer. There is a way of taking and going into an innerness that can leave the outerness in a particular fashion, in which one isn’t dealing with it and one isn’t addressing it.

The teaching schematic that we’re under is, how is it that one deals with the outerness, when you bring the energy of something in a depth inside yourself back down into life? How do you do that? You don’t do that by trying to create a shift, and a change, this way or that way. You have to do it in terms of quickening a vibration, or causing a vibration, as an atmosphere, to come across, so that within the atmosphere is a quality of a knowingness that naturally permeates and goes invisibly in to how it needs to be, and how it needs to go.

In other words, this is the secret in terms of coming back down into life. In other words, you go up into light, and then when you come back into the world you don’t dumb yourself down by the world, you instead carry the quality of something deep inside that now permeates out and touches things. And so, if you have to say something, if you have to do something, what you are doing is done with the intent of causing this to permeate, not with the intent of moving this over here, and that over there, in order to cause an outer quality change, by way of the physicality.

The physicality changes by way of atmosphere. And if one has to do some things in the outer, that appear to be participating in the outer, it better be with this atmosphere as the predominant characteristic – because if the attention is upon moving things this way, or that way, in order to create a better this, or that, or the other, that is a noticeability that is going to cause a problem. That is nothing more than rearranging deck chairs of things.

So the challenge is in the causing of something to continue to blow the mind of all of the rigidities that have come back into a sequence again.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Carrying a Quality

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