Context of Fluidity

Mark Rothko

If we look at a work of art, we may be able to see the skill that was required to bring all the different aspects together, and we might get a sense of how so many aspects just fell into perfect harmony. But such an appreciation may not tell us anything about what is at the essence of the work itself. What makes great art is when an essence is captured by the artist. Well, we can say the same about the universe we find ourselves in: we can see it, and look at the different parts, but are we connecting to the essence that it holds for us to discover? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now I go to my sleep dream, or meditation dream I should say. This is a loudness that is a dumbness yet; it’s a dumbness because I already understand it, but I have to set the tone in this way, again, in order to have had the sleep dream that shows the way one is expanding one’s aura, taking into account through a going into things way. Going into the heart of others, so to speak, or into the heart of the essence of the atmosphere.

So, in the meditation dream, I’m having to locate myself energetically. Where are we? We’re actually in all things. For example, there is an image where I am across from a German, but the vibration is that of having to conduct the Japanese. In other words, discombobulated.

The question is then asked: Who am I? I’m required to denote the origin of the energetic vibration that is pulsing through me. In other words, go into the subtleness, the depth. I go through image after image in which the appearance and context are veiled. Meaning they are inclined to be seen one way, but they’re not that way.

The test is to see, at some point, if I can realize that deep within the vibration that exists, can I transmute, from the reflective sense, to the inner source? What is going on? In each instance what appears to be happening is not what is really going on. And the test was to go beyond the appearance where the issue of flow, into the outer, is being construed magnetically, or densely. Can I denote, behind the outer scenes, can I denote really what is going on in life, not to just take it literally, but to see how the innerness of things touches that?

Even though the images that reflect in the outerness of manifestation are being construed as a recreated reflection in the outer, the key to understanding this dream is to reach the point in which the inner coming into the outer association is revelationally apparent.

Now, I’m talking about a higher octave of the word revelational. If it’s revelational where you have a lightbulb moment – as if you’re in one place and something is in another place – and you suddenly get the memo. That is a type of revelation. That’s where things kind of start.

But the kind of revelation that I’m talking about now is a revelation in which some part of yourself is permeated across and is taken into the atmosphere. And that is what is working, that is what is causing the reflections of things to be however they are. And it is, as an atmosphere, as a wholeness, it is doing its thing, and no one can say that is coming from this, that, or the other. It is just the atmosphere, it’s just the overallness. In other words, the reflection in manifestation of an inner vibration of consciousness within, the sorting out, as an awakening, is the whence from which this came. Wherever that is, however that is.

So the meaning is, nothing is as it appears in the outer reflections. And the challenge of awakening to the oneness of all there is is to inflect – and again, I’m using a higher octave of the word revelation – is to cause that inner depth to be absorbed by the outer appearances. And, when it is, it has to be true to itself; it can’t go around in its separateness.

If I can do that, instead of buying into the outer appearances, as if the outer appearances are what is truly going on, as a separateness from my beingness, that’s when I’m no longer veiled from this inner vibrational beingness. That’s when it’s a oneness that is in everything.

The significance is, to come to know the unseen planes within the intertwined oneness, everything I see and do, and what happens around me in the outer, which is a bifurcated revelational reflection, it must inflect to the unseen inner depth of the greater overall inner beingness. We’re talking about an effusiveness. We’re not talking about something that goes about vaulting its opinion this way, or that way, and that all you have is stacked up positions. I’m talking about something in which all that is meant to be is in a context of fluidness. It’s also a kind of momentum. Only it’s an inner momentum, rather than an outer momentum.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Context of Fluidity

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