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VanAllen-beltsAncient peoples understood the energies of different places. They would travel great distances to have processes in places that promoted healing, or that allowed certain greater mental clarity, or that enhanced their clairvoyance. Every space and every place has its effects on us, the idea is to detect those effects upon us, so we have a better understanding of what is the place, and what is us. Then we can use those effects to our benefit, or we can minimize the effects that we don’t want. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There’s a certain bliss in the innocence of being able to be in life in a way in which you can free-flow without there having to be any responsibility, or attention, generated, in any capacity, in terms of how one is.

When a definition is put in place, and definitions are put in place heavily in terms of how things are in this atmosphere, when those definitions don’t touch us we can soar in a certain kind of exaltation within. And that exaltation then can bleed out in its subtle way. And there is a sense of appreciation, as if it lightens something in some capacity, in some unknown way.

Well, now something has changed, in which that has to be found again because, right off the bat, it’s like we have come into an atmosphere where what is taken into account about us has been, over the course of time, and in the course of what has happened inside of us, as we have grown in other ways, when we now come back into this atmosphere, when we now come into this part of ourself, because the outer is just reflecting a part of ourself that has come and emerged more, we now find that we’re in a kind of reverb. We’re in a kind of unsettlement. We’re in a kind of vortex of things, in which what is occurring is, well, it’s something that the spaciality that had normally been there, isn’t there, and it has to be found again.

And so we’re talking about a stillness, now, but a stillness that isn’t a stillness that one develops in terms of a subtleness, but they have developed as a dexterity within. That dexterity that they’ve developed within, that is a subtleness, is still a substance. And, now, that substance has leaked out in terms of how it is perceived, or seen to be, in relationship to the environment, and other parts of ourselves in this environment.

The way that it is perceived to be is all wrong, because there’s so much more. And we have to go inside. we have to find that stillness, we have to find that quiet space, so that we can then be open again in a capacity that opens up the environment all over again.

Why is that important? The environment that we are in, that lacks a particular kind of opening in which something keeps reverbing as an aspect that oppresses, in some fashion, in terms of the freedom, is an environment in which the deception of everything here predominates in some secretive way.

There’s all kinds of ways that this stuff predominates. And it has to be overcome by a quality of being that is able to look at it, laugh at it, joke about it, and cause it to laugh at itself. As long as it feels that it can be righteous and carry on, in some capacity, there is going to be this struggle. And this struggle is first of all recognized inside of ourselves, which has caught up with this, and then it is recognized in terms of the outer, which is the reflection of what we have caught up with. So it is an interesting chemistry that’s evolved. We’re no longer as silent, and as hidden, and as cradle-like as we were before.

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q9625-oWhen we consider the effects that different energies have upon us, we don’t always acknowledge the effect of the land we live on, whether a personal property, or the area of a country. If we live in a dry climate, and the earth is filled with minerals, or quartzes, or granite, it will attract certain types of energies. If we live in a warm and wet climate with limestone or shale in the ground, that will attract different types of energy. And we must process these energies, wherever it is we live. This is why a person may think to themselves, after living somewhere for a year or two, this place doesn’t agree with me. There are many aspects to consider when seeking a proper ecology. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seem to be having one recurring dream last night. All I remember about it, it’s almost like I was in two forms. And these forms were kind of round, almost like a ball, except they seem to have clothes on and things.

It’s like if they went out and absorbed energy and then they would come and they would bump into each other, and one was kind of trying to absorb whatever the other had gone out and done. Like there’s one main one that was trying to absorb what this other one had done.

But it wouldn’t quite work. They might absorb a little, but they couldn’t absorb all. And the other one would go out again and was doing something, and would come back, and then it’s like they were trying to absorb but they just couldn’t. It wasn’t happening very completely, or kind of like I thought it should. So it was like it was just a reverb that was repeating a lot as I tried to figure it out.

John: Yes, that’s the strange psychology all of a sudden to this place. It’s like the new ethers of what’s going on to have to contend with. In other words, up in Ham we were able to get so that we can operate in our own little vacuum, and in that vacuum we could ignore things around us that were going on. They may perturb us and whatnot, but we could largely ignore that.

And it got to a point where we were actually almost okay in that atmosphere, but in kind of a controlled, restrained way. What was being restrained was something that was being repressed. And what was being repressed is kind of a hidden side of ourselves that is able to function in its hiddenness, and in its mannerism, and get away with things. When it gets perturbed is when it is getting exposed, and when it is getting exposed, is when there are parts of oneself that are in a discombobulated state.

Down here, it’s almost as if immediately the theme has switched, in which these other parts of oneself have to be reacquainted, again. In other words, it’s on a different level now that this reacquaintance needs to occur.

Before this was like a sense of fresh air, when one came down here, because there was something about all of this that had gone unnoticed, for so long, that a lot of liberties were possible in terms of zooming in, or touching it, or tweaking, or playing. And that was refreshing.

But now we have kind of caught up with that. We have found it to be something in which there is no longer a hiddenness that is possible. And so the psychology that’s going on inside of yourself is you’re looking at a quality of something that isn’t quite able to get comfortable. And so you’re reverbing in that, and reverbing in that, and reverbing in that, when before you were able to get comfortable. I mean talking about before meaning when you came down into this space, maybe initially right off the bat it was nauseating and toxic. And then all of a sudden you knew how to function in this space. You learned how you could move about and be okay, or dismissed even, in terms of your presence.

But, now, something has changed, in that your presence or way of being is noticeable. But now, all of a sudden, all of the way things are here have been brought to more of the state of attention. Now the state of attention is not these outer things, it’s really the innerness inside of oneself. The outerness is a reflection only.

And so on the innerness inside yourself, you are feeling the oddity of things. You’re feeling the parts of yourself that just don’t know how to find a rest, or a peace, or a quietness, like it had before; a type of letting go that it had before. Like I say, we’re dreaming in this tremendously peculiar kind of psychological way, a type of way in which this was not a prevalence in our being before – but it is now – because we have actually taken on more of what is in the environment around us.

What is around us is no longer in its hiddenness, and we, as a hiddenness, are having to struggle to maintain the empty space: a beingness inside of ourselves that can still keep letting go, and letting go, and letting go.

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