The Props

hultWe could say that everything natural we see and touch is an intelligence, is a form of matter that has information for us. But how do we connect to that intelligence? First we can realize that we are designed to do just that, through our sensory systems, our intuition, and our higher faculties. Together they are able to connect to almost anything we can imagine: a distant star, or a flower in the garden. And, to do so, we have to let our systems know that we are interested in this information and let them work for us. Otherwise everything can appear like a prop on a movie set. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m really struggling to pull out my dreams down here. All I remember of my dreams last night, I dreamt a lot. We had watched the program on FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt last night, and so all I remember is dreaming about Eleanor Roosevelt. And I would kind of follow around places that she went and see whether she could be effective in certain settings, or some settings she couldn’t come up quite as close to because she was the wrong political party.

And that’s all I remember doing is just observing whatever it was she was doing.

John: The schematic, or the theme, that we’re on is having to deal with being able to be in a greater totality of ourself. And so there’s the part of ourself that’s in the outer, which involves the tatters of the outer, the props of manifestation.

And those props, or that aspect of manifestation has, within itself, embedded within itself, but hidden and almost unreachable, the essence of the inner. But as props in manifestation, and as an orientation to manifestation, the feminine approach is when it is not in touch, or is grappling to be in touch, with that essence within manifestation, finds itself looking at and fumbling about in the outer, in terms of a better way of being that it can feel echoing in its nature.

The dilemma that exists is that however it is that you feel, or sense, this essence that is engulfed by the props and the surroundings in manifestation, to the degree to which your attention is drawn into the manifestation, therein lies your responsibility, because you are in the loci of props of manifestation.

And the problem that this causes is that the essence that lies within is echoing, but not necessarily tangible. And so, as a result, it’s like the soul is in a dumbed-down condition, to where whatever comes before your frame of reference, that you take on as a state of responsibility, because you are in everything that exists, but aren’t able to access this essence directly, but only by inference. The result is that you live in a world of inferences, as opposed to a connection with both essence and props of manifestation, simultaneously.

So that’s what you’re trying to report, was something like that. New information of the dreaming last night is that the props in manifestation aren’t where it’s at. Within the props of manifestation is the embedded essence, or secret substance, of all that there is.

But then you have these outer props that burn like matchsticks, that come and go. And so then the question becomes, what is important? Is it just the inner essence that’s important? And if you draw that conclusion, then you can find yourself going out of this loci to this other place, or modality, and letting go of the props of manifestation.

So is that what is important? Or is there something important in the props of manifestation? There’s nothing important in the props of manifestation, but there is something important within the essence, that is within those props, that is in manifestation. To access that you have to distinguish between the props being the props, and the essence therein.

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