Within the Without

17_within_and_withoutWe may walk through our yard and think: that is a beautiful tree. And if we’ve lived there for a while, we might say we “know” the tree. Do we ever consider that the tree may also know us? As our energy moves through a space, everything in that space is experiencing our energetic signature in that moment. We can become much more aware of these energetic exchanges through conscious effort and intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, if one is exhausted of the aspects of how the props drain, because of our identification, or because we can’t break the bifurcation, a person can find themselves throwing off all of that and seeking kind of an inner essence.

When one does that, then you set up a counter reflection, in the outer, in which there is a humongous stupidity that arises because it’s as if something has been taken out of, or removed from, the prop’s essence that is important. It’s not like that it has actually happened, but it is like that it has happened because the attention to the quickening is askew. What’s necessary is you need to come back into the props, and into the essence within the props. And, when you do, you find a flow. And when you find a flow, you adhere to the flow. And if you’re not adhering to the flow, then your heart is going to be telling you that you’re not adhering to the flow, and that you’re off in some sort of orientation.

Now, the dilemma is, we live in an outer in which there is the orientation of a time and a space. So when there’s the orientation of a time, you can feel an essence of something that’s in a stillness. But when you’re oriented to a time, you don’t know when, you don’t know how, to invoke the stillness.

Now the stillness is constantly trying to be invoked. And it is as if there are a couple three different components that make up the stillness; that isn’t true, but it’s a way of perceiving it. And you can have a couple of those that you’re aware of, and, therefore, you can have a sense of the innerness. But if you don’t have a full sense of the innerness, in terms of a true, total, letting go, then you kind of sit in an amnesia, and you sit in a state that is subject to breaking down.

And this can lead to a lot of strange, conditioned mannerisms because a person tries to sort all of this out, with their mind and their senses, and does so by looking at the props instead of holding, and adhering, to a greater sense that is subtler, that’s the essence within.

So when one drops the outer senses, and ego of mind, you can go into the essence within, but you have to drop this in the outer, as well, to go into the essence that is within the all-permeating outer. It’s possible to do, but not easy, because when you get winced out by something that doesn’t quite gel, in terms of your sense of well being, you sit in this tone, or mood, almost as if you’re amnesic, but you can feel the amnesia but can’t break it, in terms of how there is something more inside of yourself, that is there, that is unable to quite come through and echo it’s relief. A relief that is joyful, that is free-flow, that is natural.

So we’re contending with various ways of trying to catch up with this essence, and this essence is the soul. And it’s the soul of the world. And it is in everything and everywhere. And the challenge, if you wanted to call it a challenge, is to be able to access it within, and without. Without means the within of the without –  in other words, the within of the props of manifestation.

When you are able to go within the props of manifestation, there’s nothing that can be hidden.

But props of manifestation all like to act as if they carry their own separate notionality. And so everything is constantly trying, in its notionality, to maintain a separateness. And to maintain the separateness it has to impose a hiddenness, a secrecy, instead of an openness, and an all-pervasiveness. And when that exists, you then have a woundology that permeates and hurts the heart. Because everything is interconnected; nothing stands out distinct from anything else. So this is the sorting out kind of atmosphere dilemma that we find ourselves in.

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