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do4e3wPerhaps we can agree that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” If so, why would that be? Why would we go from a higher, purer state, to a lower, coarser state? Maybe it is because things can be done in the physical that cannot be done in the energetic realms. And the most important “thing” is change. Energies can’t change their state; but energies in a human appearance can change their state, and the state of other things, because of the ways we are able to consciously process higher energies. This concept says, the universe gets little benefit from us when we process lower, or coarser, energies. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I notice that when I am in sync within an initial unfoldment, and am able to shift to a greater flow that ensues for me to catch up with, that is when there is a dynamic that is deemed to be meaningful, that is unfolding as intended in the outer. The attire of the outer, that is being worn, because it’s like you’re wearing the attire of the outer, you wear it as kind of like a facilitation to the unfoldment that is clothed, or in the design, of the outer, because it’s within all of that.

And so the outer appears to be as a kind of process reflection. And the problem is we deem that outer as an important aspect, but the way it needs to be looked at is the means by which a process comes together is, when you put it bluntly, expendable in terms of how the outer is affected. In other words, it’s not what is eventful, per se. And it becomes like expendable, and uneventful, if we’re lost in it. Otherwise, it’s natural. It’s just part of how something is. It’s a garden of Eden – when the outer is in sync with the inner.

But, when it’s not, then it is like something that becomes expendable because the advancements, within, oftentimes come to the expense of something in the outer – where there has to be a letting go of something in the outer.

And that’s why you can say that when something has gotten bifurcated, the outer aspects of things are not the important consideration, in terms of making a process of awakening come to pass. Yet that is where one puts their intention so they stay lost; they stay lost in what is agitating them, and, in their agitation, they can’t go to any depth because they can’t let go. And then, as a consequence, they ricochet.

So, in the dream, there was also another scenario where I was required to catch up with what there was for me to reach before I am in sync with the flow. Life, in this instance, is where the outer is a dispensable means to the end result, energetic overallness essence awakening. Or similarly speaking, a human body, per se, is but a vehicle that is there to facilitate a deeper inner unfoldment essence process.

That is why there is such little attention to the overall well being of the human body, I mean, it’s important to have an attention to the overall well being of the human body because within that is the essence, and if something happens to that, then something gets cut short, has to get reset or something, and go through a repeat process. But the human body and its importance really comes into its zenith when there is the connection to the essence that lies within. But if there isn’t, then the body takes the beating. And in that regard, then, that’s how it’s deemed to be insignificant in comparison to the bigger picture.

So, as a meaning, the body and physical manifestations are props to a greater overall, all-pervasive, intertwined, energetic essence. There is a vibrational inner essence that permeates everything that exists, in which the props are deemed expendable, when there’s this flickering aspect to the props, that is, then they become expendable. Wherever you overindulge your attention means something has gone askew because you’re not allowed to be bifurcated. You can get away with it up to a particular point, but there comes a time when you get smashed because you’re meant to be so much more.

In other words, something in terms of your wholeness is concerned that the awakening process proceeds, and happens, in terms of the essence, or the secret substance, and not the pretension that the props have anything to do with it.

The props only have something to do with it from the standpoint that they portray what is askew and where you are out of touch. And you don’t take and rework the props, you have to go to the inner essence. You have to connect to the inner essence that effuses into everything as one being.

To get skewered and lost, putting credence to the props, is yet another way in which people get deceived and veiled. Or, to put it bluntly, the physical senses and the props of manifestation conceal the pure light – and thus the outer is taken literally. And what is happening deep within is, at best, if you’re lucky, somewhat of a revelation in the outer. But, more often than not, you don’t really buy into that, even, because you’re putting the props in the heart, the vibrations that are askew in the heart, trying to sort something out rather than being in the wholeness.

The essence that is there lies at an inner depth unaffected by the outer props. Well, it’s unaffected in that it cannot be contaminated by the outer props, but it can be veiled by the outer props. It can be veiled by something that is dense. You can lose the subtleness of the essence that is a language trying to speak in terms of its wholeness.

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