Inside Out

inner-lifeWe all have our inner life, and we all have our outer life – the one where we interact with the physical world. And every day we try to bring these two worlds into unison, or into some type of harmony. Our dreams work similarly, with a house representing the inner life, and exterior scenes showing the outer worlds. And even in our dreams we are trying to bring these two worlds into one experience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had some long early dreams in which, again, it seemed like I was impacted by watching the films on the Roosevelts, and it was like I was trying to approach some quality in Mrs. Roosevelt. And I can’t remember the specifics of those dreams.

But then I went into a dream where I seem to be in a house that belonged to a friend of our family when I was little. And I’m in the living room of that house with, there’s at least one other or two other people there. And it feels like some authorities are coming to the house that we want to avoid. Like they’ll take us out of the house, or something.

So it’s like they go to one door, we try to avoid them through the other door. And then the boy in the house has gone outside and gone onto the lawn into a bed that’s elevated. And the mother sends me out to the other bed. And, when we come back in the house – I think he stays out, but I come back in the house – and there’s still some one of the authorities trying to catch me and take me away and I seem to be trying to keep evading them

This authority’s a woman, young woman, because I feel like the authorities don’t really know what they’re doing. And then after that, I have one other short dream.

John: So what you’re dreaming is an attempt to blur together the conditions of an inner into outer, which require you to break a trance. In order for it to come through, you break the trance by catching up with an inner depth within; you catch up with this depth within in the outer, in which something is able to awaken, or come alive.

What you’re doing, before you go into the outside, it’s almost like you don’t see anything. You’re not really able to be content; you have to go outside. And it’s when you’re willing to go outside, and be okay in the outside, that you’re able to catch up with the more innocent aliveness of yourself, that seems so much older, in the inner, which is almost like saying you have something as an inner that is older. That’s another way of saying it: you have something that is inner that is older. A depth on an innerness that is older, but, in life, it has the quality of being a new found, awakened, youthfulness.

So, what you have to ponder here is the sensation, because the theme of the dreaming is you’re looking at wonderment, and the sensation you’re having to catch up with is one that takes into, or brings about, or accesses the wonderment that is quickened within, but has to be taken into the outer, lived in the outer.

If you were influenced by the story of Roosevelt, you were influenced about it in terms of the fact that there was a quality of depth within that needed to be shared, or communicated, or brought through into the outer. What’s unusual, or what’s a kind of a paradox to the dream, is that you’re thwarted in trying to look at things much on the inner, but you’re able to flow in a useful energetic sense in the outer.

To be stifled in the inner, to try to access this outside of how you’re supposed to be, because you’re in manifestation, to try to do this in the inner, like I say, there’s a sensation in there, and there is a healing of a sensation in your dream. In other words, it’s not just a dream of how something is facilitated in the outer; there’s a vibrational sensation that goes along with it. And it’s a hard sensation to grasp because it consummates as a wonderment. And it starts as a type wonderment, but one with a mood, or a frustration, perhaps, with it. And ends in a sense of awe in the outer.

The importance is for you to be able to see the mood, and the frustration, in it, because this dream is like a healing answer to this mood, sensation, frustration. It’s not really readily seeable, but it’s an answer to that. In other words, you’re not meant to walk around feeling overwhelmed. You have a wonderment that is meant to come through.

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