unnamedSometimes our dreams can be very blunt in their symbolism. And we know that sometimes the tiniest infection can cause the most annoying pain. So if we get a dream image like this, what is bothering us? What is infecting us? And, in the end, is it important? Do we have control of it? Letting go of what we hold onto, or focus too intently on, can often provide the relief we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last dream, you and I are in a bed, and you have a hair that’s become inflamed. And I want to either cut it, or pluck it out, I forget which. But you keep turning because you’re not sure you want anybody else to do it. But then I can see that you’d be likely to pull out the wrong hair. But it feels like you won’t let me pull it out; you’re trying to do it yourself.

But I’m not sure you pull out the right one. That was my dream.

John: This dream caught up to something that was subtler, in the other dream, that you probably didn’t necessarily recognize, or was missed, in the other dream. So, it brought it back in this image in which there is an awkward frustration, or mannerism, that takes and dwells in kind of a sensation sense – that isn’t letting go.

You’re the one that’s anguishing over something that is an aspect of something outside of yourself. And this is causing you to have a mood and mannerism in an estranged way. And there’s something more beyond all of this, beyond that, and that you, in accessing or understanding that, can let go of having to carry some sort of mood or mannerism.

The first dream had the impact of how something comes through that sweeps you up. You can’t stay in a mood or mannerism, in that dream, when you are in a stage of enlivened wonderment. The other was almost like a step back and being affected by conditions that are bothering you, that is causing an indulgence, and a dwelling, that’s awkward, very frustrating, peculiar.

It’s as if what you’re looking at, or how you’re looking at it, no matter what you do, is never going to be right. So it’s almost like, whatever the mood and the mannerism is, you have to let go in order to see that it’s a non-event. In other words, you’re perpetrating something, upon yourself, that is unnecessary. Maybe that’s a way to say it.

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