Holding Together

0_4sOWe know from experience that we can’t know everything at once. Whether it is a specific domain, or subject, we find a way in, through one idea or concept, and work our way deeper and deeper inside. And we keep adding to what we know, each piece adding to the picture of the whole. But often, if we continue far enough, we will suddenly get a different view: the subject is no longer a series of separate facts, but a wholeness that we now find ourselves inside – because we can hold the entire picture together. And that is when the real journey of discovery begins. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Kind of an interesting, very long dream. There is a huge container, and I come to know this huge container; I don’t see it right away, but it’s almost as if, in the end, I come to see it. And then I realize what was going on prior to catching up with it.

And this is a container that has a large base at the bottom, and then it has like a narrow top that goes up. And this container is full of pennies, because at the very, very top, you have a spot where you drop a penny in, and the penny falls into this container, goes down this top and into this large open area. And the container has gotten completely full and needs to be picked up and taken upstairs.

So, initially, I just walk straight over, and I’m just grabbing the container any old which way, probably lifting from the middle of it, or from the top, and the sheer weight will break it in two – and then you have all these pennies going every which way.

So I have to stop. So I carefully reach underneath, to the very bottom, and I’m able to lift this container of pennies up so that I can move it to where I’m able to handle all of the pennies, which is a place up stairs.

What’s significant here is that a good portion of the dream occurs prior to coming to the conclusion of moving all these pennies, is that I was going about taking a penny from somewhere, and I would take a penny, one at a time, through various levels of life to some other place. And each of these pennies that I moved would blow my mind; they would put me through sensations and such that were incredible. Or, you could say, the moving of a penny through the various states.

A penny represents oneness, it’s a symbol of wholeness. And so each penny is a symbol of wholeness of a state, a vibrational state, that I would then be able to take in, take on, and go with that way, way away – through levels and levels. And it was like a profound transformative experience.

Each state, or place, I took this penny through had an effect upon me that caused an aliveness, or an epiphany, or energetic upliftment; very transformative and very profound, which was beyond my outer cognition, or normality. A penny is a symbol of oneness; each penny represents a state. Each state in a oneness is profound and takes my beingness beyond the limited shackles, and faculties, that are my limited orientation in the outer. As a result, then, each state has a profound effect.

I do not hold on to each state from bottom to top. I just experience the vibrational essence as I shift from level to level with each given state, or each penny, or aspect of oneness. So this is what happens when I pull out the vibrational essence of a dream when I thread to the oneness and grasp a state, and take this vibrational essence through the levels of my being and find that I am blown away, or awakened, by the transformational effect, as I go, so to speak, higher and higher within a oneness – one penny at a time.

I don’t know how this happens, but the day arrives when instead of transporting one penny at a time, my attention is suddenly drawn to the entire penny container. Instead of trying to get a penny out, one by one, or to try and lift the container, I recognize that the proper approach is to grasp this from the bottom and lift straight up. In this way, without going penny by penny, state by state, I could take the entire container that is completely full of pennies, which is very heavy, but supported in this manner, I’m able to move the container and all of its contents upstairs where I have more space to play, or to do whatever it is that I need to do.

This is where I am currently at, and I have come to this point after having spent a long time going through the various states, one by one, until I suddenly realized, or something opened up, in a more profound way to where the entire station, not the singular states of oneness, need to be embraced.

And when I come to this recognition, that is when I realize that the states within this container, on a one-to-one basis, is like an endless approach. There are so many pennies. It was only upon realizing the station of oneness that I’m at a point where I realized that the states need to be taken on in a totality, or as a station. And until I realized this, I was completely content and happy, and going about my merry old way, having these profound experiences, accessing the oneness one state at a time. Just little glimpses into the oneness from each state, unaware that there was a container station in which every state is held.

And these states, so many pennies I can’t imagine being able to count all of that, there is a need, when I catch up to the container, to realize that it can’t stay where it’s at. It has to be transported upstairs all at once. So I leave the dream having surprised myself that the whole thing is holding together.

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