A Newfound Sense

239fThere are many things to enjoy and put our attention on in this world of diversity, yet, as this dream shows, it is not supposed to be taken in as a mindless indulgence, grabbing for all we can. We can also understand and connect to the essence of something, and let that experience be carried with us into other aspects of our life. Everything has a purpose and a role to play in the great unfolding, but only the human can connect the highest aspects of life to the simplest forms of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, the scenario of this dream is that I’m in a dining room. And it’s like a dining room that’s setup in a banquet style, meaning buffet style I guess is maybe the better word, banquet and buffet style.

And, in this dining room, I’m being introduced to food in which the dressings are what makes the food special. Plus there is more there than I could possibly partake of. And even at one point someone even puts vegetables on my plate. I wouldn’t have done that, there was so much else. I don’t eat the vegetables, but someone put vegetables on my plate.

So I’m so busy trying to appreciate all that there is here, and, at the same time, relate to others, that I’m not able to take in all that there is to take in, to eat all that there is to eat. And suddenly I realize that I’m the last to leave, except at another table, that’s where Lou and his wife are still at.

I apparently got so engaged, I just didn’t keep up. And I definitely haven’t eaten my vegetables. And so I came to this realization when I was still holding out that there was a special something that I saw that I hadn’t tried yet. And so I got up to go over to the buffet table and found out that everything was cleared away. And then I looked around and the banquet hall was empty, except for Lou and his wife and they were starting to move a bit as if they were ready to leave. So I realized, gosh, I have to get out of here. I have had enough, even though I keep indulging, but no more food to be had. Time is up.

And then I kind of settled back and, as I settled back, in other words it’s like there’s a little flicker in this, I’m able to see through a door and notice that there is a lot of activities outside; it’s like street activities, or motion. In other words, I’ve been sitting here partaking from within. And that is when I realize I need to probe out and direct my energy and attention to a place outside myself, meaning outside my inner self. You don’t just sit there indulging and indulging.

So the meaning is I am being delightfully fascinated by the entrees in life, on the inner level, and their accoutrements that seem boundless. I am entranced by the food of life there for me, and it has built up kind of an energetic in need of outer stimuli. Or, another way of saying it is, I can’t stay in the dining room forever. In other words, what you experience there has to be brought out into life.

And, more interestingly, in catching up with that, with what is going on, I suddenly notice that I am able to see through cracks in a door, and what I see is not necessarily enticing, it’s bigger. Seems like there’s a lot there. And, by comparison, the dining room is over. So upon getting swept up with all there is to appreciate within, you can almost forget where you’re at. And you’re meant to take the inner atmosphere of appreciation into the outer that is all about – because you’re in the outer.

In such an atmosphere that you access within, that awakens within, that is brought to your attention within, that comes within as a sense of appreciation and wonder, I’m now able to look out into the outer, and go back into the outer, with this same newfound sense of wonder and appreciation. In other words, touch life with it.

And the deeper meaning is, when you incorporate the first dream, when states take on a station I can appreciate life with a newfound wonder. Until then states come and go, meaning that sampling this and that is what is occurring, in terms of it being kind of like a sense of an inner journey. That’s what it’s like because it’s like the states awaken and you ride the states. And the energetic of the outer seems denser.

So the energetic I access is entrancing and intriguing, but I am directed back into outer life, which is where I can stay, and it is upon having received more than I can fully take in from the inner banquet room, in other words, it is now time to be with an outer that lies outside this inner room. In fact, I am beckoned and compelled to live in the inner aliveness – in an outer way, too. In other words, live the inner aliveness in an outer way. There’s no more staying in the inner.

Kind of a continuing theme that we were on where it’s continually pointing that one has to catch up with a certain awareness, but then that awareness has to come into the outer, has to be lived in the outer.

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