A Better Sense

wv4It’s interesting that water, in dreams, is understood to represent the unconscious. And, to us, the unconscious can seem a dark, or murky, place. Part of that is because we tend to store things “down” there when we aren’t ready to deal with them. Yet the unconscious is also a place from which things arise within us, new insights, or ideas, that have filtered in through the dream process at night, or slipped in while we were otherwise occupied during the day. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the next dream I didn’t pull out very well because it was an attempt, on a vibratory level, to switch me on to a different channel, so to speak, a different vibratory channel, in that, before I had the sense of this whole scoping. But I’m not this whole scoping, you know, I’m caught in this way, and that way, in relationship to it. I have my placement and movement.

And so, as I have a placement and movement, what do I need to notice about that placement and movement? And that’s what this next dream is about.

What I need to notice about that placement in the movement is that, as a deep underlying thread, is the need to polish something. The need to clean something, the need to reveal something. And it’s a type of revealing for the sake of revealing. It’s not a revealing for the sake of getting somewhere, it’s a revealing for the sake of bringing about a clearer knowingness.

So, if I’m swimming about I’m trying to clear up the debris in the waterway, or something. If I’m probing underneath something, I might find the treasures of an ancient temple that is all covered with something – even though the temple means nothing to me in my present condition, there’s something still about that, and hidden and silent about that. So I might brush the scum off of it a little bit, the debris off of it a little bit. I don’t necessarily polish it, per se.

To begin with, I just wipe it down a little bit to try to get a better sense of it. And this better sense of things is what the whole dreaming process is about. In other words, you have a dream that you can dismiss, but, when you play with that, you’re attempting to get a better sense of what’s going on behind the dream. To where, of course, from the previous night, we’ve come to recognize, that ultimately that leads to, instead of state by state kind of inflectiveness, that leads to something where all of this comes together.

Now, in the past, I used to say, well, one has to hope that all of these states that one experiences inside are cumulative. And then, from yesterday, it was like there’s an unlimited number of them; you can’t seem to possibly go through them. At some particular point, there’s the epiphany that can take it all on and can possibly move all of that to a higher place, or to a different place. When before all I knew how to do was to somehow find things penny by penny by penny. Or a state by state by a state of a oneness.

And the distinction that’s made in last night’s dream is that there is this whole sense of coming into a weighing and back to, and that being a journey of stillness to stillness, or aloneness to aloneness, or oneness to oneness, or overallness to overallness.

For me, it’s a quality of having to recognize that whatever I do that helps to polish a situation, I polish it in order to see the stillness. I polish it in order to see the greater quality of it somewhere else. I don’t polish it in order to turn it into something that comes alive for my beckoned use. As I’m polishing it, I always know that it’s still, it’s just that I don’t know the stillness anymore. And so I’m aspiring in that way. Very interesting subject.

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