A Precondition

2018-05-23-1When we set out to accomplish something, we rarely consider that the journey we make to reach that goal actually is making us right for that new (energetic) state. If we are speaking of a business, we must create the sources of our materials, and build a network of people, and create a work environment, etc. These are all preconditions to the success of the business. Every new process we begin works like this: we must build the energetic assembly – in ourselves – so that what we want can manifest in the physical world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So last night I had a lot harder time physically, coughing, waking up, so I disturbed my dreams a fair amount. Or the dreams were so deep early in the evening they weren’t quite pullout-able.

But, later in the morning, I had a dream in which it felt like initially I was with a group of people, and we were traveling more towards a city. And I seem to want to get into the city. But I remember jumping in the water at one point, like there was a dock, and there was water, and I had to go out into the water and come back, and then go into the city.

And it felt like some of you had gotten ahead of me. I wasn’t as quite sure where you were at, but I knew that there was going to be a party at this one man’s house and I went there. He was there alone, but he lost his wife at some point and he’s really grieving a lot. I also seem to have brought some laundry over to wash, but he’s just scattered the laundry I brought over on the kitchen floor.

And he’s sitting, holding me for the longest time, but, after a while, it feels like he’s holding me too long. Although I understand he’s just holding me because maybe he wants to hold someone because he misses his wife. He doesn’t actually misunderstand the situation. But I feel like I need to start looking for where all of you have gone. So I leave.

I think I even get separated from him and I’m looking around this rather crowded city. Some people ask me directions to the party. I mean, I seem to direct them where to go for the apartment, although it’s not set up for a party yet – the laundry’s still scattered all over the kitchen floor.

And then, when I get to this square, I’m a little confused about where to go. But then somebody who’s at the luncheon sees me, and they holler at me, so I’m able to find where they’re at. And I come and you’ve saved a seat next to you that I sit down at. Although, at that point, I think everybody takes away whatever course of food they were eating, so it’ll be another minute before any food is set down. And that’s about all I remember of the dreaming.

John: Sounds like a dream that’s converging, but it’s converging but something hasn’t come out because there’s a space, yet, that you have to abide in, or be held in, which you’re not doing, or don’t understand.

In other words, it’s like some part of you wants to scope out, is trying to stretch out. And it’s as if that stretching out is an aspect of the journey. But it can’t, because that aspect of the journey, and that stretching out, is actually where you function as a kind of container to all that there is going on. And so you can reach out and take in all that’s going on around you.

But there seems to be a pre-existing condition that you have to catch up with first, before you can stretch out, and that is that you have to come to see yourself as being within a container. In other words, you can be a container and stretch out, but first of all you have to see yourself as being in a container – and be okay with being in a container.

It’s kind of an odd kind of thing. It’s like you have a quality of something more that can come to be, but it can’t come to be until something else has solidified, or situated, or come into being as a quality first, as an energetic, or quality, or letting go, first. And that you’re not going along with that aspect. You are striking out, pushing out.

It’s really an awkward reverse image; it’s a feminine trait. It’s a feminine trait that isn’t fully owned.The trait of the feminine, as a theme, or schematic, is the ability to take into account things in the surroundings; to be able to just have a natural perception. And you’re having trouble with that natural perception. And the dream is saying that you’re having trouble with that natural perception because there is a spaciality that you’re not allowing yourself to be held in.

It’s almost as if it’s like you would like to do the holding, or the taking care of, or the accessing and pulling in. And yet there has to be an abiding, on your part, first, as a, say, precondition, for the other to make any sense, in terms of how it could be brought together, or come together.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Precondition

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