A Silent Echo

1_ToCgWhere do those gentle nudgings come from? Are they us, speaking to us? The higher self guiding the lower self? Our guardian angel ushering us toward our future? Or perhaps even what is unconscious in us becoming conscious. Yet they are there, within us, and we follow them, often, or sometimes, or never, depending. And many find that the more you follow them, the more accurate they get, until they become integrated into our process life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I only remember one dream, and I seem to pick up my memory partway into the dream. And, in this dream, I’m traveling with a man that I’m with, and we’ve stopped at this town.

And now I’m into this church, and the church, initially, it’s divided into one side where there’s benches and people seem to be sitting there that work at a certain agency. And the pews in the other side are more traditional pews, and they go up into the nave of the church, or towards the nave of the church.

So our initial focus seems to totally be on this side where the workers are. And he’s kind of talking to me about I’m going to be working with these other workers at this factory, or place, that’s off the grounds. But, when he communicates, he also communicates about a way that we’ll be using phones or something, at that agency, that I seem to consider very outdated. I can’t see myself sticking with it.

But the attitude of him and a few of the other people there seem to be that, no, we would do it the way they do it there. I don’t seem to think so. But we haven’t started work yet.

And then he and I leave to travel on to where we’re going next. And I know that that involves going over water. And we’ll be spending the night on this island. However, I leave him, and I come back to the church. And this time I go over, and I go up into the nave where the priest is, and he has a table there where people can even come up and sit, he’s doing something more towards the altar.

And I start to talk to him about something. But he has to turn around to take care of some things. And then I noticed a couple of women that have come up, and they’ve brought some  little offerings and I’m kind of touched by that – and I haven’t really brought an offering. So I kind of back up a little. And when I feel like it must be almost time, I don’t really need to say anything to him. I go back into the area of the church that’s on the same side as the priest is.

And when I’m over on that other side I crawl through this little arch on the floor. And they’ve got like back jacks set on the floor on that side. I start to sit in one, but it has something on the back of it that’s almost like a carved animal or something. I start to take that off, but the person who sits behind me puts it back on, and I’m a little uncomfortable with it for some reason.

So then I suddenly I find myself sitting on her lap, in her back jack. And I notice that when the priest comes into this area, he also crawls under this little archway, so he can be there with the rest of us that are over there. Then I leave that area, I go back over near the worker area, and I go through there to a coat rack.

What’s odd is at the top of the clothes closet there’s a telephone, a blue telephone, light blue, and the cord is all wrapped around the rod you’d hang clothes on. Well, it seems like that’s how I can communicate with the man that I had come with, who’s by this time out of the area and won’t be able to get back. It’s like he calls and he’s a little concerned, I’m not really concerned because I’ve suddenly realized that the agency where I was going to work actually runs 24/7.

So I’ll just go over there and work for the evening. I might even do something different than what was originally assigned. But I know they’ll give me work for the evening. I’m not worried about what I’ll be doing. He seemed a little concerned, I’m more struck by the oddity of the type of telephone that they have. But I know that there’s actually some things I can do there, so I’m just going to go over there for the night. That was the dream.

John: It’s a very deep and complicated dream, a lot of little things going on in there, very, very energetically significant. To start off with you’re going into the game of life, or agency of life. Your idea of coping is almost as if the concepts of the day lead you into this approach, with yourself, in terms of the outer.

And even though you’re trying to maintain a middling ground yourself, almost as if you know that that leads to a greater apparent sanctity towards the front, you find yourself diverging off into the things that are in life. The workers, or whatever, the common, denser aspects of the nits and grits of life in the outer.

And it’s kind of like not necessarily your fault that you do that. Something in the masculine quality brought the scenario to you – in the equation of things. It was, from your perspective, a little bit off, you could tell that it was a little bit off, but it was okay because it covered the entire arena of things in terms of left side and right side, and taking in an overallness and going to the depths of it all.

But you veered to the right side. When you go to the right, you’re going into the world – ordinarily speaking. Or is it going into waking up the more unconscious side of yourself? I don’t know, but what you’re describing in your dream is a process, and your process has you’re going into the right, or into the affairs of something in the outer, to begin with. Some part of you has a sense, you do it because that other prevails, or wins out.

You do it, but you have some deep inner sense, because after having done that you seem to recognize that something more is needed, or that there’s something missing in that process, because you then try to come back to the sanctity of yourself – a deeper inner depth of yourself. You go through a door, so to speak, crawl under the arches of things, which is very symbolic in terms of going through, opening a door going into a whole other depth, or room, of yourself.

And you take that seriously in that you sit there, but you can’t just sit there. You get to the front, you sit to the front, you can’t just sit there because there’s something pushing you, from the back, whereby you ultimately have to take whatever is accessed in this place to a deeper Prime Directive inside of you, something pushing you at the back, back into the right side again.

Another way of saying this now is, initially you hear a memo that has to do with directing you to go into the right. But, in order to do that, you have to let go of that when it has its heebie-jeebies, or something, in a greater depth inside of itself needing to be pulled together. So, somehow or another, you hear that silent inner echo memo inside of yourself, and, upon hearing that, then you are able to – because you kind of went up the middle in the agency of things, you did know that there was a left even though you’re went into the right prematurely, you then come and have to go to the depths of yourself, that is like, in an imaged way, is like being able to carry the heavens on your head.

And by that, meaning in a whole other realm of dimensionality. That before you were too compacted, or you couldn’t see the forest for the trees or something, you went into this other place, you went up to a front area, you weren’t distracted, yet there was still something pushing at your back affecting you that, ultimately, in terms of the real agency directive, has you having to come back into life, but now into life in yet a state that’s more anew.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Silent Echo

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