An Early State

21328Everything is able to choose. Eat, or don’t eat. Fight, or flight. Rise, or sleep. Yet these are in the realms of the automatic and instinctual, our system’s way of guiding us toward survival and continuance. The human, however, has a higher level of choice, in that it can even go against these instincts in the pursuit of what it seeks. But, of course, it is designed to seek its fulfillment according to its higher self, or higher purposes. This is a level beyond planetary survival, and toward universal service. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This causes something to evolve. And it’s the human condition that causes something to come out of the vacuum. So, as an overall wholeness, and in a natural free flow, when there is nothing to see or hear, I just am. But, like I say, there’s more than just being “am.”

Well, what caused the dream to be like this, is I’m looking at the idea of letting go, and how just straight away pure letting go results in catching up with something going on. Yet pure, straightaway, letting go, the human condition has to be in there.

The human condition does come into play, again, in that I evolve. I come out of a demiurge where a Garden of Eden, or however it was, I’m in the Garden of Eden having come out of the demiurge. And now I’m in the Garden of Eden but I haven’t yet clicked, I haven’t yet developed my freedom of choice. I don’t yet take into account the serpent. I don’t yet take into account a consciousness that pulls the above and the below together, the light and the sound.

So that’s the meditation dream. And the reason for the dream: to bring me back to the frame of reference of the world soul, which just is, as a state, in which freedom of choice exists. Or, in other words, the consciousness must come that is so let go that it’s as if non-existent, but that’s too subjective, too angelic even, if it’s even angelic. Too presumptive.

So appreciation begins when I am able to reflect upon my humanistic condition, veiled, and it’s veiled by choice. I come out of just the amnesia of it, come to see it. And, in terms of contending with it, things get veiled.

So it’s veiled by choice, as I’m exercising freedom of choice. In other words, not knowing how to bridge this gap between sound and light. It’s more than me. I do not know what suffering is like, to begin with, when I’m just in this periphery of it all. In other words, it’s just set forth because the Kundalini energy also has its unfathomable side; I can acknowledge it’s there, but I just have this blind trust, with no reason to know how that is, that I will just continue to do the other.

But, sooner or later, the secret substance of my greater overall beingness will get violated. It’s not yet violated in the dream. You learn by way of making mistakes, and I’m starting off not provided with a freedom of choice in a manner of consciousness by which you then will find yourself making mistakes. So what I’m describing is a state in which instinct, so to speak, exists primarily, but not consciousness. So that’s the meditation dream.

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