5geesSometimes when we meet a person who is greatly skilled in the martial arts – karate, and the like – we sense their confidence and know we wouldn’t challenge them. Then, we’ll meet someone else, and we’ll instinctually understand that this person is a pushover. And this isn’t about muscles or strength, it’s about the energy that a person exudes. When we feel strong and confident, we exude that, energetically. We may know this, in terms of a physical example, but we can also be a presence by what we exude, energetically, through our spiritual development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dream, one of the themes of the dreaming, because this helps explain one of the dreams that I had, has to do with having an established quality that permeates in such a way so that what effuses is undeniable – in terms of how it touches and affects things.

And this being undeniable is important in terms of being able to have an effect, as a person that’s able to shape things, vibrationally, in their environment, and in the world.

The third dream that I had points out the way this can vacillate a little bit, and the danger of the vacillation plus even something interesting about the vacillation, even, in that, in the third image, there’s a situation which is kind of like down to the wire. In other words, it’s where something is meant to happen, and that something that’s meant to happen has to do with the decision that allows it to go forward. And this involves something that one is seeking, but yet it’s time seems to be running out.

And, in this dream, I comment how I hate there having to be exceptions. It’s like exceptions that are made at the last minute, that appear to compromise and have to be accommodated, in terms of their effect upon the agreed upon unfoldment. And I say, it shouldn’t come down to this sort of thing.

The person I’m saying this to is not at all fazed. This person knows that a decision is made that is meant to be, and that the appearance of there being an issue is ill placed.

So the sensation of this is that you can hold a note, a long, long, long time. In other words, I’m a person that can see things in little, shifted, interesting ways. But I don’t go into a scenario that holds the note, and seals the note. And I can see when something is askew, but I don’t stand up front and make it happen, as a knowingness, and so I can come in and I can see the blind side. But as soon as I see the blind sides, and point them out to him, he’s so well developed that he gets it, he gets it.

I don’t hold the center, he holds the center. So whatever happens in the future, he stands his ground. I never stand any ground. You know, I get rattled, discombobulated, and whatnot. And that’s kind of what this is about.

So an inner flow, with the stillness of demeanor, solidifies an intended fate. When there is a tearing at the seams energy, such freneticism has kind of a destabilizing quivering to the intended effect. This dream is about the virtue of adhering to a knowingness and how that is important in terms of the outer intended effect. To act in a variant way rattles the obviousness.

And then here’s the importance of the frenetic effect. It’s important in terms of causing a clarity; it also draws the issue into clear cut focus for all to see. So the frenetic effect isn’t for naught, either; you can’t be a bombs-away frenetic effect, but it does pull to solidness, adds something to the solidness. So when I take and I look at some of the stuff that’s going on, I can have a frenetic effect that helps pull that into a solid.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Undeniable

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