The Absurdity

i260Sometimes force is appropriate, sometimes a gentle touch is required, and sometimes laughter is the best medicine. We know this in our outer life, but what it is also saying is that certain energetic states, or conditions, give way, or can be let go, using different strategic approaches. The more conscious we are of the situation we are in, the more we’ll be able to apply the best solution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, that was one aspect of the dreaming. Another aspect of the dreaming, that still is in keeping with this sort of thing, it has to do with holding a set agreement.

So, apparently, a person has an agreement with Dee that she is not to mess with their paper, called The Sands, it’s The Sands paper. This is an agreement that is kind of made with a person who’s kind of like your husband, and he has his little peculiarity off to one side, and it’s kind of like what he considers important. And so it’s a little stupid, and a little silly, but okay, you won’t mess with his stuff.

And then all of a sudden, he’s there saying, what did I tell you? Something like that. And you say, I didn’t do it. He’s the one who was messing with the paper – and threw a portion away. Which is true, I did. I had been messing with the paper and you were catching the hell, you were catching the blame, because you were supposed to understand not to mess with it.

And this actually was funny because it was an obvious oversight. He knew it was an oversight. So he laughed. And, knowing it was an oversight on my part, I laugh. This is really, really funny. Knowing that all of this to-do was about nothing, because nothing was intentional here.

The meaning is the approach is taking into account and looking at a certain ignorance in life, that exists, with a sense of humor. To be overly serious, or righteous, what it does is it sets the stigma, or the darkness, into a kind of way that causes the appearances of extremes.

So the scenario is, I am pondering the name of the paper, of course, that was messed with is called The Sands paper, his personal family paper. So, I’m pondering the taking of The Sands, a newspaper in my dream, and the old casino in Vegas, from pushing a bubble in a kind of overt action towards itself, and letting it unfold in a way so that there isn’t a pound down effect. It creates a hostility, or harshness, or a locking of one side versus another.

So what could cause this to change, in terms of the obtuseness of something that is happening, is when you are able to take on a demeanor, actually take on a letting-go laugh that slices right through – actually makes the whole thing funny, as if there’s no game going on, everybody gets that this is a joke. It’s a big joke, like an open humor joke for all to see, and so that no barriers can be there. As long as it’s like that, the barriers exist when there’s a contrast.

What happened is, I came out of my meditation rather early, and whatever was occurring in the meditation dream, which I’m curious about going back and looking at to see how this may apply, it set in motion all kinds of things in terms of like my Kundalini energy just went racing, and it was racing for hours, in terms of seeing the absurdity of the sort of thing.

And I realized that what is taking place there is going to affect thousands of people. So, anyway, I was set off in this whole sort of thing. And it was in the face of something going through a couple hours of this kind of deal that eventually, in letting go, I came to the humor, or the slapstick of it all. And that’s what enabled me to let go, so to speak, is to quit the digging, and the poking, and that sort of thing.

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