The Knot of Things

im6sThe planet, and the universe, are big places; so why do we think we can understand the whole by focusing in on the tiniest details? Yes, we can learn much in the process, but the only way to be able to bring this wholeness inside of us is to let go of these aspects that serve to separate. Because we are already a part of the whole, we know more than we think we do. When we let go of our grip on separateness, we give the whole permission to show itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, my attention is to the image of a change of things that are all conglomerated together. A human being is part of everything that exists. Everything is in its right place. But what I see is it’s like it’s all just been conglomerated.

And, in this conglomeration, it’s impossible to sort this out, it’s just all conglomerated, even though I can know that somehow or another that should be able to be aligned, it’s impossible to know how to align it because it’s so conglomerated – it’s not taking in the space properly.

And so, why these items conglomerate together is something I do not know. I know that from out of this seeming, uncorrelated, energetic of possibilities, there has to be a way of having it disseminate to a combinationality, or to an alignment that makes sense. But I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do it because it is so conglomerated together; it is such a maze. There would be a possibility if it was spread out more. But it’s not, it’s just all compacted.

So I ponder the possibilities by seeking to find any sort of alignment, or sequencing, that will make sense. Can I even break this down a little bit, this conglomeration? Well, that’s not working, I just go round and round. I’m just pounded down by that, trying to do it that way. I just kind of suffer. I’m just kind of affected by the elements of things, and I just don’t know how to get around it.

So, somehow or another, I let go of all of these variables, as the approach, and set aside all of this that I know. And do that, realizing that I don’t know how to break up this whole compaction, so I just have to let go of it. I’m just going to drive myself silly trying to figure out how to break it down into something that sequences and flows.

So the question I have is, if I start afresh, is there a way to arrive at a breakthrough which supports an outer unfoldment that I sense is meant to be possible? In other words, what lies before me is too much and I do not know how to contend with it. I don’t know how to put it into an alignment or break it down, so the only option that seems to be available to me, because I know that there has to be something more, is I just have to let go of all of that. Just let go of it because it’s draining me.

Well, when I let go, that is when I get it: that is when I am able to shift, within, to something heretofore unknown – and what will now be new. What I see comes to me from an innerness that I have no knowledge of, and it sets up a streamlining, penetrative unfoldment.

Basically, it’s speeding of something up. I can’t speed up when I’m in the maze, and I have to speed up in order to break the knot of things. So it is from this new way that an answer is reachable. After I shift from what had been a dumb-down by the overallness of things being so knotted up, I take the energetic of what awakens as kind of something that surprises me wherever it came from, I take that speeded up energetic into the chaotic cluster. And from there, I’m able to create an arrangement that changes the situation of life.

So it’s almost as if I need something else to work with. If I just stare at what’s in front of me, I go around and around; I’m not going to ever be able to sort that out. So I have to let go to catch up with something that I have no knowledge of, that is a functionality. It’s as if you have the conglomeration, and then you have a letting go and you create a vibration that’s focused, it’s got a greater focus. And that vibration that has a greater focus has more power and more speed to it. And it can now take and deal with this, when otherwise just staring at this weighs you down, and you make no breakthrough whatsoever.

Well, when I reached this recognition, I realized this is not something I can explain, because no one can understand. Everyone looks at life from the variables that are before them. And then they seek to unscramble the energetic that is all over the place, and find, therein, order from the disorder. So the unfoldment can’t happen in a mindfulness of  taking everything in life as the menu, or modus operandi, and then use that everything in life that is just all noodling about, and align something that has any futuristic consequence. I’m overwhelmed by the collective when approached like that; in other words, you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. And the same mind that created it has caused everything to be reduced to all of these elements that affect everything and dictate what it is, that is manifestation.

So, I guess I’m being shown that that approach is useless when it comes to being able to sort out a conglomerated mess, in which the energetic possibilities have gotten dumbed-down by such a conglomeration, so that it is no longer possible to see the hiddenness that permeates all of this.

I mean, you kind of know that something has to be able to deal with that knotted mess, but you can’t deal with it until you let go of it, until something more is able to come to you in a speeded-up quality of your beingness. What I am talking about is a letting go of everything I know, and everything about this conglomeration, and, when I do, I’m able to catch up with an insightfulness.

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