The Rumor

maiThere is a difference between understanding and realization. We may understand what rain is, and what temperature is, but until we experience them, they are just concepts that we imagine. A spiritual journey is much the same: we may know all the names of the different levels of development, and be able to quote passages left and right, but until we have made the energetic connections, and felt the uplift, and have received the intelligence, or guidance, we are only speaking about theories. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The next one is kind of a bizarre sense of humor. There’s a Sai Baba that gives prasad into life that you don’t see anymore, that is gone, no longer is alive. And then there’s the Baba, which is the aspect of something in the outer, the physical. So I play with these two words.

So in my dream, I am told that I need to have a more open approach to what is unfolding. The example that is given is referenced as the Baba experience. In this experience, I do not limit myself in terms of where I sit. I can see that lunch and stuff is made available to me, but I can’t let that limited approach distract me from what is currently an unfolding aspect that’s new.

Now I have gone across town to check this out. And I come to an open area where an hour or so from now there is the expectation that Baba will speak. Well, deep down, everyone knows: how can Baba speak? I mean, rumors of this have been around for a long, long time, Baba speaking, but has Baba ever really shown up?

And so from the back, as I come to this area I approach it from the back, I see this large area and up in the very front there might be a few bench seats, and the rest of the area seemed fairly open, hasn’t been filled in. And, from the back, the presumption is that up at the front is off limits, whether they’re reserved for people or what the deal is, the sense is from the back that that’s off limits.

But if I’m here to take something in, I need to go to the front, so I go to the front area, and I notice that there actually are people up there sitting in seats that should have not been limited by the concepts of the pack in the back. And there’s someone in all those seats except for one spot that I see. And then there’s a woman, and then there’s another spot open.

And I ask if she’s saving that, and then I just sit down without her answering because otherwise she might act like it. And it’s okay. And when I leave, to wander about, as if I’m still trying to understand the whole overallness of this, it is still there for me when I come back. In other words, it has suddenly become like a part of me, or just for me, just for me, because I cannot take anyone to this place with me, which is what I would like to do. I can’t save another spot for anyone else, in other words.

And it is near the front, about as close as I dare get without shocking myself, because you can actually get too close. Not shocking myself, but having full, round vision of all that there would be to see, this position, front and center.

And the meaning is, this is about letting go to an unfoldment that is something you hear about as a rumor, but is an up close and actual experience that involves letting go in order to experience it. Otherwise a part of you continuously creates some sort of doubt from that being able to happen.

And, in this dream, to do so I had to set aside, because when I first came into the back of this there was food offered and everything, I had to set aside the food, I can’t go taking all this up to the front. I have to set aside all of that, not be indulging, in order to make the letting go transition.

As I walk up, for example, I even have to set it aside, let somebody else have it, but I can’t take all that with me to go sit at the front. For what I can see, when we get to the front, is going to happen, but from the back you just don’t know – it’s a rumor. And it was a rumor that brought me to this area to begin with, because before I came to this area I was all caught up in the Baba. But this time I’m caught up in the Baba in a way in which Baba is like the stock, as opposed to a Baba that is like the greater consciousness of an awakening. So this dream played with the two parts, just like you did.

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