Local Conditions

images-1We can understand how events around us have an effect on us. We can understand how things we do, say, or think can have an effect on us. Yet we don’t always give credence to how the energy in our environment can effect us. If we live next door to people who are angry or stressed, we can feel that way as well – just because of our proximity to their energy. In the same way, if the energy is strong enough, it can cause a state-wide, country-wide, or worldwide outplay that may have nothing, fundamentally, to do with us, but we will still experience it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream is just impressions, rather than the details, but the impressions I remember of it, it’s like you and I, maybe separately and then together, have traveled to an area. And it was an area that seems to have borders around it.

And some things in this area had been shifted. And it feels like we travel there and visit where things have been shifted, and we leave that bordered area. And then it’s determined that we weren’t the ones that shifted them. That’s the best I can come up with what I remember about that dream.

John: You’re describing something that has taken place that is affecting the way you are, and how you are, in an atmosphere. And you’re coming to realize that that effect is a condition that predominates.

In other words, that condition predominates or is like that, based upon circumstances that are in the outer – and have nothing to do with who it is, and how it is, that you are. The interesting thing when it is like that, is a person can’t sort anything out anymore. They can’t even hear anything anymore. They don’t want to hear anything anymore. They act busy and act like everything is something that they need to run away from. And that’s because they carry a woundology that is so severe that, deep down, the heart is in a point of a type of despair.

The way this revealed itself to me, yesterday, was I was in the library looking at a paper when this person you told me could come in and take a paper. And she came in and she stopped and she was talking to me. And from whatever it was that we were talking about, she went into this huge, huge panic despair. And she started to say that this is exactly what had happened to her earlier, downtown.

I didn’t know what she was referring to. It would take a bit to put together the circumstances of something that she described to me years ago. So it took a while to jog my memory back to it. All she was doing was acting like she was going into a catatonic state; that this was a repeat of what had happened to her downtown.

Now, what had happened to her was everything was twisted from a standpoint of normalcy, as she had expected and thought it to be, to everything was turned against her in a way that wasn’t right. And, as a consequence, she was forced to have to do something that wasn’t in keeping with who and how she is in terms of being a person functioning in a common sense decent way.

When I saw her years ago and she was telling me about it, she was still in a sort of distress over this, but I didn’t know how to read the distress. She was more or less looking at whether or not this was something that she just had to take, and whether it was appropriate, given the schematic of things for her to have made the decision she made.

As time has evolved, she has come to see that what came out of the blue in this deceptive, and manipulative, and changing of the order of things way – in a wrongful way of changing the order of things – has worked out to the tremendous advantage of the manipulator, who, on one way of looking at it, in terms of how they made her circumstances real dire, appear to be offering her a respectable deal after having beaten her down to such a degree.

But, as time has progressed and as she has come to kind of heal herself up, she realized that she had been waylaid, taken advantage of, in a nefarious way. And so I mention this story because this portrays what, so to speak, is in the ethers of things in this environment, and your dream is saying that this is not your fault. It’s just what, and how, things are.

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