Ability to Change

bi5929There are many situations that we have little or no control over. But, sometimes we do find ourselves in situations that can be affected by our energetic state. At those times, we have a choice: we can get personally involved and add our negative, or stressed, energy to the situation, or we can hold a better outcome within ourselves, a higher state, the state we would like to see in the environment. If we can hold that state within, we can change the possibility of what can then unfold. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, it’s like I’ve gone back to maybe a setting, it almost feels like it could have been a school, but it’s all cobblestoned. It’s like an old building, all cobblestone. I’ve been there before, a few years before, and I would occasionally counsel people.

Well, now, some people come in, and a couple comes in. And they’re bringing in their son I had counseled them about when he was a little kid, but now he’s like a teenager, like 15 or so. And the way the counseling goes it’s kind of like people come up and sit at a kind of high table, almost like you’re actually going there to get food served. But you maybe sit around this little round table, and you talk, and it’s more just like one session.

And I’m kind of glad to see them, and to see their son, and I’m almost a little humorous about it because, at least at this point, it feels like whatever issue they come for counseling with, it’s more because like you have a 15 year old, rather than because the 15 year old is really a problem. So there’s a little lightness about it, and we’re kind of glad to see each other. And it feels like maybe there’s more than one encounter similar to that, because there’s a lot going on.

Then, after they’ve left, it’s like I want to visit one of them once. And I go over and it’s suddenly it’s like I’m kind of sliding down this long cobblestone corridor. And, as I go down, I will pass people, some of whom I’ve known or seen in the past, or counseled even, so I have to maneuver to not hit some people that have suddenly set a table out in the middle or something.

So I go down this long, kind of windy, corridor; it’s all made out of stone. And then when I come out, I’m at an area where I’m going to go visit one of the people I counseled in the past, but he’s become quite well known now. And when I get to where he is, it’s almost like I’m actually in another country like India. And before his classes start, or whatever, he’s actually sitting up on a bit of a stand, cross legged.

But then he sees me when I arrive and he jumps down, comes over to greet me, and is laughing and I’m having some contact with how he’s done. Then it feels like after I leave him, I go to another little area of the country there. But then, when I leave, I realize that maybe the zone that we visited in India was a zone where you’re not really allowed to travel anymore. That was when I woke up.

John: So what this dream is meant to do – it switches at the end there to try to get you to catch the big hint – but the whole thing was presented to you right at the very, very beginning.

First of all, the initial dream, what it did was it pointed out to you that the condition, or the mannerism, or however it is that you find yourself in in the atmosphere, is not something that is your fault. It’s not something that you caused to happen, so to speak. You’re in the atmosphere, but you didn’t cause it to happen.

And therefore, then, because some part of you is free from all of that, and is at a different level in some capacity, the sleep dream you had provides the answer. The answer is that you change the atmosphere.

And so the way the dream depicts you changing the atmosphere is it has you in a situation able to counsel, or to relate to things, where you can put it in a kind of new light, sitting upon a pedestal, so to speak, in a cobblestone house, or however you’d call it, that was unique to the area.

In that area, the atmosphere is all something else. And so, as long as you maintain, and hold onto, a quality of yourself that you need to hold onto, that quality, by holding onto that, you’re able to shift or cause a change to unfold; were able to slide right down into things, and that things shift, change, or transition.

It’s very interesting that you would have a dream like this where you would see that what’s going on is not your fault. And that then you are shown that you have a way that you have about you the ability to change the atmosphere.

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