A Better Position

Com00-1Change can often seem disruptive. Great change can seem overwhelming. Yet, great change is rarely possible because so many aspects of the world need to “let go” before something new can form and arise. Perhaps we are in such a moment, both for ourselves as individuals, and for the community of the world as a whole. What lies ahead may be determined if we connect to the best of us, within, and give that an outward expression. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream, I’m in a restaurant, and I’m at a table. Now, it’s an interesting table in that the tabletop itself looks like a water table. Yet, it’s a table, just like you’d have in a restaurant where you could be sitting around and whatnot, but it’s like water.

And I cannot reach out over the surface of this table because there’s something about me that’s so off that I can just blow on the edge of the water a little bit. And there are people I do not know that are at this table, and they can tell from the way I am doing this, an action that I have been terminated. My beingness – something about my beingness has been terminated in a wrongful way.

The way I am has shrunk to such a degree that it depicts a stunned condition and a type of shock, despair, or whatever, that speaks for itself – for those who could see it. So a person tells me about my rights. He doesn’t have to know the facts. He doesn’t know the facts. He doesn’t know what’s going on with me, he can just see the way I am is not right. And he can tell from what he can see that has happened, he can tell the vibrational level, that it is wrongful, because he can read the demeanor I am in.

And what he is saying is putting me back together in terms of the way my beingness is meant to be. I apparently was so out of it that I had lost the ability to see for myself what is appropriate, and what is not, in terms of a relatability conduct and context. I wake up able to tell where I am at, and, as I wake up, what had been a delirium that had left me in such a trance that I couldn’t sort anything out, there is a quickening now, there is kind of a level of a rising up out of that.

The meaning is this dream is pointing out that what is happening in the outer is not the despair and hopelessness that it seems. What is happening is meant to cause me to awaken to a better position, lying dormant, and hidden, within. It may not seem like that in terms of the way I see myself as being shut down and in a dire strait. I am this way because I have lost a heartfulness and hope for myself and thus got cut off from a meaningful flow from within.

I was thinking that I had to take the abuse because I am in an environment where freedom of choice, in terms of how you can just live and let live, in other words, being manipulated, finessed, and controlled and shaped by the way others who are in a position that can change everything to their liking. I do not have to be in such an environment where freedom of choice is lost, where it is no longer possible to find any hope.

The dream is pointing out to me that, from the depths, there is an awakening that lies at the epicenter of who we really are. And that we can turn to it in our hour of need. This “hour of need” is a very interesting way of putting it. In the dream, the image is portraying a part of myself that knows better, and this part is offset by a despair that doesn’t even appear to know anymore that is in an hour of need. You’re ready to just give up.

So I am in an atmosphere in which everything is a deception, designed to enslave and dumb down. And so the space that I was in, the condition that I was, what I was actually looking at before I had this dream is one knows the common sense of decency inside and can adhere to that, and cause the shift, cause the change, can be the atmosphere that needs to be.

Now, to be the atmosphere that needs to be, you can’t be that atmosphere going around waving a flag, you have to raise something up. And then that permeates out where it slides right out into the rest of life. But to begin with, it was something that has kind of a spot in the middle of the large oasis of collective, in terms of the schematic of the dream, collective unconsciousness, collective despair, collective lack of attentiveness to what a human being, in terms of their heart, is all about.

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